Loans to the rest of the paycheck

The average salary in the summer months was USD 6200. This is due to seasonal jobs and larger stations, but the situation is actually closer to the average of 5500 dollars. The cost of living continues to exceed receipts, despite the announcement that VAT on basic foods will be reduced. But until that happens, citizens are still forced to pay for one of Europe’s most expensive shopping carts.

Because of this, they are not even able to finance any contingency from their home budget, but rather decide to borrow money. Those with poorer assets opt for short-term loans and borrowings, while those with higher incomes tend to favor loans for the rest of their paychecks.

What you need to dollarsow about loans for the rest of your paycheck


Loans for the rest of the payday is a special product in the financial services palette that is completely different from any other money lending model. Customer indebtedness does not limit the ability to raise new credit. Loans to the rest of the payroll can be realized despite the suspension exceeding one-third of the client’s net income.

Therefore, if the client has a high enough income, he or she can apply for loans for the rest of the salary. His creditworthiness is not impaired if, of course, he regularly settles all his debts. The statutory minimum of two-thirds of the unpaid salary in this case does not apply to the client if he / she has a high enough income.

Loans to the rest of the payday are cash loans that involve smaller amounts and a short repayment period. They are ideal for unpredictable situations when you need money urgently. It is not available to clients who are locked in, locked out, or have a current account protected. This means that they do not have a sufficient amount of unpaid salary to apply for a loan.

How banks look at loans for the rest of their paychecks, and how credit companies look


Banks have them in their offer, but in a limited version. Namely, loan applications for the rest of the salary can be submitted only by clients who are employed on a permanent basis for a minimum of six months. In this way, the bank reduces the risk of debt repayment that exists on the clients of part-time employees. Not extending the contract or terminating it extraordinarily puts the bank in a tricky position and there is a possibility that it will not collect its claims. She wants to minimize this risk and therefore the credit depends on the type of employment.

Decent income and settles all his debts on time


There is no such restriction on credit houses. They do not care whether the client is employed on a permanent or permanent basis. The most important thing is that he has a decent income and settles all his debts on time. Given that the majority of Croats are part-time employees, the number of clients seeking loans for the rest of their payroll is increasing every day. Although they have the term “pay” in the name, these loans can also be claimed by pensioners who have a high enough income. For them, as for everyone else, a prerequisite for loans for the rest of your paycheck is a tidy financial picture.

Loan application for the rest of the paycheck is submitted exclusively online and with minimal documentation. For smaller amounts, copies of ID and current account cards are sufficient, and for larger ones payment lists must be attached. If the documentation is complete, loans for the rest of the paycheck will be paid in just a few minutes or 24 hours at the latest.

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