$120 million data center opens in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) – A multi-million dollar facility in Auburn is now open to bring high-speed internet and processing power to businesses and communities.

Not only will AUBix bring technological equality to underserved communities in Alabama, but this is where broadband access meets cybersecurity. This, all in the hope of propelling the economic development of the state.

Governor Kay Ivey, the founders of AUBix, and Auburn city leaders all celebrated the grand opening of the $120 million data center that is said to bring Alabama closer to the edge of the technology. The 40,000 square foot facility is located on Samford Avenue, just outside of the Auburn University campus.

“A digital infrastructure like a data center relies on fiber optics to power it,” said Andrew Albrecht, co-founder and CEO of AUBix. “The more networks, the better. When a data center comes to town, customers come into the data center and then they have a wider choice of Internet services through the fiber networks that are integrated.

It’s no secret that reliable internet access is limited for some Alabama communities. This data center will act as a bridge to connect customers with faster data speeds and information. Currently, AUBix has 5 high-speed networks and more are expected to go live soon.

“You would be amazed when you look at your phone and look at one of your apps, how much data is coming from Atlanta, Dallas, New York and Chicago,” Albrecht said. “Now it can go out of AUBix. Data is going out further, in rural communities like Alabama – connected by high-capacity fiber lines with better quality of service at lower cost.

When it comes to cybersecurity, engineers are ready to work with increased customer concerns about cyber threats.

“We have pretty resilient defense capabilities,” Congressman Mike Rogers said. “In our core industries, we have the ability to not necessarily stop an attack, but to bounce back quickly. It is in the rest of our infrastructure, commercial and otherwise, that we have vulnerabilities. I am certain that Auburn University and AUBix will help us fill this gap.

“This really brings us into the digital age, high technology and it will mean a lot for economic development across the state in many places,” Gov. Kay Ivey explained.

Outside of ISPs, healthcare companies, financial services, and government research operations plan to use AUBix.

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