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The ATI Systems team (with Dr. Ray Bassiouni, second from right) accepts the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Platinum Award for ATI Systems Mobile Solutions for Giant Voice, in addition to an Extraordinary Award for Leadership and ‘ASTORS’ 2020 innovation at the ‘ASTORS 2021’ Awards Luncheon at ISC East.

The traditional security market has long been covered by a multitude of publications highlighting the old school basics to what is Today – a rapidly changing security landscape.

American Security Today focuses only on homeland security at large & Public Safety Marketplace with over 75,000 readers at the federal, state and local levels of government as well as government-allied businesses.

American Security Today offers a compelling new look and read with our personalized digital publications that hold readers’ eyes throughout history with cutting-edge editorial that provides solutions to their challenges.

AST offers the largest and most qualified circulation in government with more than 75,000 readers at the federal, state and local levels.
AST offers the largest and most qualified circulation in government with more than 75,000 readers at the federal, state and local levels.

AST’s digital publications are distributed to more than 75,000 qualified government and homeland security professionals in the federal, state, local and private security sectors.


AST reaches Private & Public Experts, essential to meet these new challenges.

Today’s new generation of public safety experts require real-time knowledge to deal with domestic and international terrorism, lone wolf attacks, unprecedented urban violence, societal changes, culture and media bias – making it increasingly difficult for homeland security, law enforcement, first responders, military and private security professionals to implement coordinated security measures to ensure national security and improve public safety.

American security today

These experts come from government at the federal, state, and local level as well as from private companies allied with the government.

AST provides a comprehensive list of topics in our monthly editions of AST magazine, our AST website and our AST daily news alerts, covering 23 vital sectors such as access control, perimeter protection, video surveillance/ analysis, airport security, border security, CBRNE detection, borders. Security, ports, cybersecurity, network security, encryption, law enforcement, first responders, campus security, security services, corporate facilities, and emergency response, among others.

AST has expanded readership to critical infrastructure audiences such as the protection of nuclear facilities, water treatment plants and dams, bridges and tunnels and other potential targets of terrorism.

Other areas of concern include transportation hubs, town hall meetings, governancement facilities, sports and concert stadiums, schools and universities in our nation, and Commercial business destinations – all attractive targets due to the large number of people and resources clustered together.

(See some highlights from American Security Today’s 2021 ASTORS Awards Presentation Luncheon at ISC East. Courtesy of My Pristine Images and Vimeo.)

To learn more about ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winners solutions, please see the fully interactive magazine ‘ASTORS’ CHAMPIONS Edition 2021 – Top Products of 2021 ‘A Year in Review’.

The annual CHAMPIONS edition features a review of the annual ‘ASTORS’ award-winning products and programs, highlighting key details on many of the winning company’s products and services, including video interviews and more.

It serves as a go-to source throughout the year for “The best of products and services 2021” approved by American Security Todayand can meet your agency’s and/or organization’s most pressing homeland security and public safety needs.

physical security (Access control, critical infrastructure, perimeter protection, CCTV cameras and video management systems), computer security (Cybersecurity, encryption, data storage, anti-malware and network security – just to name a few), the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ CHAMPIONS EDITION has everything you need to detect, delay, respond to and mitigate today’s real-time threats in our ever-changing security environment.

It also includes guest editorials from some of the security industry’s most respected leaders and companies recognized in the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ awards program.

  • For a full list of the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ award winners, start HERE.

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