Adorama Drones organizes a webinar on FIFISH W6 PRO

On March 2, Adorama Drones hosted an insightful webinar titled “The Ultimate Underwater ROV: Inside the QYSEA FIFISH W6 Pro”. The FIFISH PRO W6 is an industrial-class ROV platform equipped with an all-new powerful and patented Q-Motor system, 350-meter diving depth, powerful operating features and intelligent stabilization systems for currents.

In the webinar, we dive into the specifics of using the FIFISH W6 Pro to:

  • Maritime inspections
  • Maritime control and surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Water sampling

High performance industrial class ROV for deep sea operations

FIFISH PRO W6 is easy to carry and can be deployed anywhere, anytime. The standard 350 meter tether and spool can be used to perform a variety of light to heavy duty tasks, tackling missions with reliability, power and precision.

Main features of the FIFISH PRO W6:

  • 350m diving depth
  • Speed ​​of 4 knots
  • 4K dual camera system
  • 12,000 lumen LED lights
  • Laser scaler (10cm)
  • Robotic arm (replaceable claw)
  • 8 hour battery life + replaceable battery
  • 5 Q-IF multi-tool expansion interfaces
  • Depth locking system
  • Smart altitude lock

Webinar presenters:

James Bushy is currently Director of Technical Specialists for Adorama. Bushey had been a Linn city officer since 2006, is the city’s former police chief, and was the city’s emergency management coordinator, police department media contact, evidence technician , a notary public, a certified DARE officer and a drone operator. Since 2008, he has been the School Liaison Officer for Traver and Reek Schools in the city of Linn. Bushey has over 1,000 hours of commercial UAS operations and is a certified instructor for BRINC Drones.

Ziyong Chen is currently a global expert in MicroROV solutions. Over the past three years, Mr. Chen has assisted customers in a wide range of applications in over a hundred successful projects. Mr. Chen is the field expert for FIFISH MicroROV. Mr. Chen and the FIFISH ROV have assisted owners and customers in hydroelectric, offshore wind farms, aquaculture, fire departments, search and rescue, police departments and water management companies. water. Clients include Suzee Inc. (water management), Australian Fishing Enterprises (AFE), GE, MOWI, etc.


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