Advance drug discovery and development with comprehensive imaging software on SelectScience

From target discovery to compound identification and preclinical imaging, powerful software has the potential to transform the visualization, manipulation, and understanding of life science research data from many processing modalities. imaging, including CT, MRI, 3D microscopy and other techniques.

In this webinar, learn about a multifaceted 2D-5D software platform that offers a comprehensive toolbox of image processing methods that can be automated through custom detection workflows.

Case studies will be presented for applications in biological target characterization, lead compound identification, and preclinical studies.

Main learning objectives

  • Characterization of biological targets: discover how high-resolution 3D visualization and characterization of cellular structures can be used to monitor the effects of certain compounds on cell growth, inhibition and degradation, thanks to the segmentation of ultrastructure in large volumetric electron microscopy data
  • Lead Compound Identification: Learn how 3D high-content screening analysis of cell morphology, viability, and protein expression is used in monitoring candidate drug compound efficacy and toxicity in cell models
  • Preclinical studies: Learn how small animal microimaging enables 3D visualization and characterization of whole organism or organ or tumor specific morphological changes, growth, vascularization and impact monitoring drug candidates in vivo or ex vivo samples

Who should be present

Senior scientists, principal investigators, biologists and image analysts/imaging specialists involved in drug discovery and development processes within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Attendance certificate

All webinar attendees can request a certificate of attendance, including a summary of learning outcomes, for continuing education purposes.

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