AHI and Teagasc CalfCare webinar supported by Volac January 13, 2022 Free

Entitled “Calf Raising for the Herd of Tomorrow”, the webinar will be hosted by AHI and Teagasc, while being supported by Volac Ireland in conjunction with several of the leading dairy cooperatives.

Good calf health is the foundation of long-term farm profitability and this webinar will be used to help protect and improve farm business profitability.

Una Hickey, National Sales Manager for Volac Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be supporting the CalfCare Webinar for 2022. Each year interest in these events increases and the information shared is timely and informative as farmers prepare. for the calving season.

“Animal Health Ireland is very pleased to be working again with Teagasc and the dairy cooperatives in hosting this webinar,” said Grainne Dwyer, Communications Manager at AHI.

“I would also like to thank Volac Ireland for their continued help and support.

“While it is unfortunate that we cannot proceed again this year with on-farm events, we will be offering the same program during the webinar as planned for the events. The program will be of interest to both dairy and cattle producers as this very important time approaches on their farms.

Teagasc Dairy Specialist George Ramsbottom said: “Farmers’ appetite for success in rearing calves successfully is reflected in the turnout we have seen at events over the past decade. This interest has resulted in higher survival rates and a reduced level of disease seen in young calves on Irish farms.

The webinar will focus on four key areas:

  • 1. The impact of housing design and use on calf health.
  • 2. The importance of colostrum quality.
  • 3. Understand and reduce the risk of bloat in calves.
  • 4. Pain management in calf rearing with emphasis on disbudding.
  • The impact of housing design on calf health is significant and the three important aspects of calf housing will be discussed addressing stocking density, drainage and cold stress.

    While the 1-2-3 of colostrum feeding is well known at this stage, other related issues such as hygienic collection and storage may be overlooked. The webinar will seek to address those topics that can significantly affect the quality of colostrum.

    Additionally, the latest information on bloat in calves will be available, along with tips to minimize the problem in young calves.

    High standards of calf welfare are essential to our industry. Pain management is an important aspect of calf welfare and this webinar will discuss the best use of anesthesia and analgesia in routine calf management practices.

    the free the webinar begins at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18.

    To register click here.

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