Amazon’s Latest 9 Health-Related Jobs

Amazon has posted new job openings related to its healthcare business. Below are nine positions the company has recently posted:

  1. Head of Global Health Technology Solutions: Engage with C-suite customers in healthcare organizations, work with Amazon strategic partners, attend and speak at industry events to drive thought leadership, drive strategy Amazon health technology and create business opportunities.
  2. Director of Digital Health: Will lead initiatives to grow Amazon’s digital health benefit programs.
  3. Director of Business Development, Alexa Health and Wellness: Develop external partnerships for Alexa, recruit large healthcare organizations to integrate Alexa, and work with healthcare partners to create future Alexa healthcare offerings.
  4. Innovation Leader for Behavioral Health Benefits: Will lead efforts to break down barriers between Amazon employees and access to high-quality mental health treatment.
  5. Senior Solutions Architect, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Write white papers and reference architectures, host technical webinars, speak at public events, and file patents for future products or features.
  6. Health Information Exchange Specialist: Lead technical engagement, define implementation processes, respond to RFPs, and provide expert security knowledge as it relates to consumer applications and services.
  7. ​​Senior User Experience Researcher, Amazon Halo: Will provide insight into customer engagement with their health while using Amazon products.
  8. Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Amazon Halo: Build scalable programs to build product awareness, as well as determine and manage the tools partners need to succeed.
  9. Senior Sales Manager for Nonprofit Healthcare: Will lead the sales strategy for Amazon’s nonprofit healthcare division, develop the team to drive results, define success metrics, lead key customer relationships, and manage revenue realization.
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