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Update Cisco decided the world needed their advice on an outage map.

The network giant unsurprisingly informs its card, which you can find here, with data from deployments of its ThousandEyes observability suite. Switchzilla and its customers run ThousandEyes in more than 20,000 data centers, and Cisco has amassed the information gathered from these implementations to produce its fault map.

Cisco believes this is a gift to the world that, using its telemetry, delivers information closer to the source than competing services like Downdetector, which uses a mix of human intelligence and open source.

However, the preliminary version of the site which The register saw is not very helpful – offering entries such as a point in what looks like Northern California which experienced 172 outages yesterday, including 116 Cloudflare IPs of a certain block having problems.

As it happens The register got a good idea of ​​what was wrong – our agents in San Francisco were among those who suffered an internet outage that hit the entire Bay Area, possibly caused by lightning. The Cisco card offered no insight into this situation. Social networks have done it.

The Cisco site is adorned with promotions galore for ThousandEyes, a commercial experience The register knows that many readers may find it irritating.

But business experience is sort of the goal of the new service, as Cisco has also passed out outage information to ThousandEyes for customers so that they can understand whether their organization’s operators, SaaS providers, or others suppliers experience unplanned downtime. This information is presented alongside information about the government’s own systems and applications, so that they can understand the source of any broken dependencies. ®

Updated to add at 2115 UTC

Cisco has revised its outage map and now offers a list of sites and services affected by outages, as shown in the screenshot below.

Cisco Internet Outage Map

Click to enlarge

But none of the information is clickable, so notifications always warn of issues without offering additional data. Some of the outages listed are historical events that have occurred up to five days in the past.

And the site is still festooned with ThousandEyes specials galore.

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