Crocus Technology offers a free webinar on sensors and PFC designs

Crocus Technology Inc., the leading supplier of XtremeSense® Magneto-Resistance Tunnel Disruptive Sensors, is offering a free webinar on January 25, 2022. The 30-minute educational session is intended for design engineers involved in power supply design. Crocus recommends that engineers consider the impact of new power factor correction (PFC) architectures on the current sensor. The program is aimed specifically at power supply design engineers at all levels, from VP to entry level.

The current industry trend is for designers to upgrade the PFC to take advantage of GaN/SiC power devices for greater efficiency, but changing the power device alone is not the ideal solution.

“When design engineers upgrade their PFC, we want them to understand the impact of this design change with respect to the current sensor. When selecting an isolated current sensor for a PFC design, several options are available,” explained Anurag Mohan, vice president of systems and applications engineering at Crocus Technology. “With new architectures like Totem-Pole PFC, simply scaling up an existing design may not be the best approach.”

Mohan said new solutions such as TMR sensors (or more generally, magnetic current sensors) are now available and offer the benefits of smaller physical size and better response time. Crocus TMR sensors offer a “no compromise” solution for isolated current sensors versus Hall and CT current sensors.

Participants are invited to consult the Crocus product data sheets available on their website The TMR excels as a current sensor because the resistance of a TMR sensor changes depending on the external magnetic field. When combined with state-of-the-art CMOS circuitry, these sensors can be used as high SNR sensors, providing excellent linearity and thermal performance, as a contact or non-contact current sensor. Conclusion: Engineers using a Hall effect sensor will be pleasantly surprised by the significant advantages they will get in the system in terms of accuracy, bandwidth, latency and overall efficiency. To register and for more information, visit

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