CWA and Microsoft help Detroit residents ‘connect’ to free internet service

Volunteers from CWA and Microsoft hosted a “Get Connected” event at Brewster Homes in Detroit to help residents in need receive free internet service. CWA and Microsoft recently launched “be connected“, an initiative aimed at boosting schooling in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides low-cost broadband service. The event was part of a “Trick or Treat for Resources” community initiative of the Detroit Housing Commission’s Resident Services department. CWA and Microsoft have partnered with the nonprofit organization Everyone on and the Detroit Housing Commission to publicize the event and the ability for low-income residents to connect at little or no cost through the CPA. The partnership between CWA and Microsoft is based on a revolutionary agreement on labor neutrality announced in June, which includes a commitment to collaborate on technology adoption and skills-building programs.

Event volunteers guided residents through the registration process and internet service providers who offer broadband plans at no cost to ACP registrants were also available so eligible residents could sign up for service on square. The event in Detroit follows a similar event in Memphis earlier this month and another in Atlanta on Labor Day. Additional registration events are planned in New York and rural North Carolina.

Left: CWA and Microsoft volunteers helped residents of Brewster Homes in Detroit enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and sign up for AT&T services.
Right: CWA Local 4100 President Gerald Sommerville and Vice President DeAndre Davis, along with a Detroit Housing Authority employee, volunteered at the “Get Connected” event in Detroit and encouraged participants to register with the CPA to benefit from a free Internet service.

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