Dodge County Broadband Study Shows Widespread Need for Better Connections | bdc

Andrew Cohill, President of Design 9 Consulting, presents the results of a study on broadband access recently completed by his company. Left to right, Dodge County staff Nate Olson, Justin Reynolds and Bill Ehlenbeck. The results were shared Monday afternoon at the Dodge County Administration Building

KEN THOMAS, Citizen Daily

JUNEAU – Everyone agrees that better Internet service would benefit Dodge County residents and businesses, but achieving that goal will take planning and investment.

A draft of the Dodge County Broadband Study was shared at a Monday briefing. The goal of a survey conducted last October was to “develop a comprehensive set of strategies to bring high-performance broadband and Internet services to the region.”

Andrew Cohill is the President of Design 9 Consultants and was introduced by Director of Land Resources and Parks Bill Ehlenbeck.

“Andrew is here online presenting the results, kind of where we are with broadband in the county, what we need to move forward and how we’re going to get there,” Ehlenbeck said. “One of the things we had them do was complete a survey of Dodge County residents, and 93% of those surveyed said Dodge County should play a role in facilitating a better broadband.”

According to Cohill, the county could partner with service providers and invest in infrastructure with well-negotiated contracts to hold providers accountable for the money spent.

The county shouldn’t become an internet service provider, “but the county definitely has a role to play,” Cohill said.

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