Enact offers a two-sided software platform for use by installers as well as consumers

The customer can use Enact’s service to manage their energy transition, the company said. Image: Enact Systems

PV technology and Enact Systems are co-hosting a webinar exploring how the company’s platform helps increase solar and storage sales by leveraging software benefits. To register for the webinar, which will take place at 2:00 p.m. (BST) on October 26, please Click here.

Product presentation :

Enact’s software platform transforms the way solar and energy storage projects are designed, deployed and managed, with thousands of users in over 20 countries. Enact’s platform enables installer and developer sales teams to design, price and sell systems remotely, prepare proposals, finalize contracts and also track project execution. Consumers (end customers) can also leverage Enact’s platform to manage their transition to solar power and storage, starting with evaluating bids and bids, through to tracking results. i.e. financial savings. They can also track their energy consumption, make energy usage decisions, receive instant outage alerts, and manage their systems performance and warranty.


On-site solar and energy storage is already a US$10 billion annual industry in the US market and over US$100 billion worldwide. Although such projects generate huge savings and sustainable electricity, it is a complex and costly transition for customers. The majority of solar installation vendors and suppliers today are largely small to medium sized with a challenging business environment. Every solar and/or energy storage project requires a complex sales and design process, sourcing from multiple vendors, requiring local approval (city, utility), a difficult construction cycle, and ultimately years of maintenance to recoup the savings to repay the initial investment. Needless to say, solar sales and installation companies struggle to scale without end-to-end software to power their business.

Additionally, end customers purchasing solar and storage systems have a difficult customer journey, largely unable to understand their true cost-benefit ratio, and no tools to measure their return on investment in financial terms. With thousands of small developers driving the growth of this industry and hundreds of manufacturer options, customers choose from multiple offerings without full transparency and no insurance of result. Once purchased, their ownership experience is also cumbersome – they lack visibility into the true ROI, ongoing support (e.g. depositing their tax incentives/benefits) as well as basic asset maintenance (e.g. , when to schedule preventive maintenance for warranty maintenance).

The solution:

The ENACT Installer app automates the entire customer journey, from first contact to full installation. Based on a property address, Enact uses satellite imagery-based data visualization and processing for remote design, enabling solar panel designs for any solar panel brand on the roof or ground. 2D and 3D modeling allows for accurate hue analysis and generation estimates. Systems can be designed for solar and energy storage solutions, as well as additional on-site devices.

The Enact Installer application ingests energy consumption data for modeling purposes and leverages utility rate/solar generation data combined with pricing, bill of materials, and financing analysis, which leads to high precision sales proposals and contracts. Users can develop detailed project cost models, as well as local incentive profiles for each region. Project finance can be analyzed for any type of model: PPA, lease, loan or hybrid and in some countries, Enact integrates directly with third-party financiers to speed up the approval/credit process.

Powerful workflow automation and decision-based analytics are also built-in for tracking resources, deadlines, and predictive analytics for reporting. Business owners can track all user activity from sales and operations, and also assign tasks to people based on a process for each type of project. Enact also enables integration of the platform with third-party CRM, project management, and accounting software platforms.

The ENACT Consumer App product focuses on managing existing assets by integrating via Cloud APIs with physical hardware – solar as well as energy storage – to visualize overall asset performance and financial ROI, as well as verification of projections. The end customer’s journey begins with their first proposal and follows the entire path to purchase, leading to a purchase.

After installation, the Enact Consumer app visualizes live power flows and asset operations, alerting customers to performance issues, predicting future savings, and enabling live customer support, with an IOS/ Android.

Major OEMs for energy storage (e.g. Jinko Solar and Duracell) have white-labeled the entire consumer platform, making their device plug-and-play in the inverter vendor ecosystem and anticipating the basics of consumer engagement as more solar installers now install their projects.


The Enact platform covers the following types of use cases

  • Residential and commercial solar
  • Rooftop and Ground/Mounted Projects
  • Solar alone or combined with energy storage
  • On-grid and off-grid operation
  • Cash purchase, lease or third-party funded projects
  • Net or gross billing projects
  • Single meter or multiple meters per project location
  • Fleet view for all deployed assets, regardless of UPS type
  • And much more !


Enact’s installer application platform is available for use in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore and now Australia. Enact’s consumer application platform, initially launched in the United States, is now in pilot use for South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, and will soon be expanded to other markets.

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