Equinix and Partners Test Sustainable Innovations in Data Centers

Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, announced the opening of its first Co-Innovation Facility (CIF), located in its DC15 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center on the Equinix Ashburn campus in the region. of Washington, DC.

Equinix says it is a component of its Data Center of the Future initiative, the CIF is a new capability that allows partners to work with Equinix to test and develop innovations. These innovations, such as identifying a path to clean hydrogen fuel cells or deploying more efficient battery solutions, will be used to help shape the future of sustainable digital infrastructure and services at scale. world.

Sustainable innovations, including liquid cooling, high-density cooling, intelligent power management and on-site primary power generation, will be incubated at CIF in partnership with leading data center technology innovators , including Bloom Energy, Zutacore, Virtual Power Systems (VPS) and Natron.

Equinix says that working with them, these partners will test core and cutting-edge technologies with a focus on reliability, efficiency and cost to build. These include:

  • Generator-Free and UPS-Free Data Centers (Bloom Energy) – Using on-site solid oxide fuel cells allows the data center to generate cleaner, redundant power on the grid and potentially eliminates the need for generators powered by fossil fuels and energy consumers. Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).
  • High Density Liquid Cooling (ZutaCore) – Highly efficient, two-phase, direct-on-chip, waterless, liquid-cooled rack systems capable of cooling up to 100kW per rack in a lightweight, compact design. Eliminates the risk of IT collapse, minimizes the use of scarce resources including energy, land, construction, and water, and dramatically reduces the data center footprint.
  • Software-defined power supply (VPS) with cabinet-mounted battery energy storage (Natron Energy) – Cabinet power management and battery energy storage system manage power consumption and minimize power supply grounding at near zero percent, leading to a potential 30-50% improvement in power efficiency.

Deia Bayoumi, VP of Product Management at Bloom Energy, said, “Bloom Energy’s clean, modular fuel cell technology is well suited to meet the growing demand for clean, resilient energy among power centers. data. Building on our continued collaboration with Equinix, we are proud to bring our solution to CIF and move the industry towards a more sustainable future.

“By generating on-site electricity with high levels of power availability and the necessary resiliency, data centers can take control of their sustainable power needs. Bloom’s technology eliminates reliance on utility utilities. electricity to meet capacity requirements as well as highly polluting diesel generators to provide emergency power,” Bayoumi concluded.

ZutaCore President Udi Paret said, “ZutaCore is honored to be featured at CIF and to partner with Equinix to advance the proliferation of liquid cooling globally. Together, we aim to prove that liquid cooling is an essential technology to achieve the fundamental business objectives of today’s and tomorrow’s data centers.

“HyperCoolTM liquid cooling solutions deliver unmatched performance and durability benefits to directly address sustainability imperatives. With little to no infrastructure change, it consistently delivers easy-to-deploy and maintain, environmentally friendly liquid cooling. environment and economically attractive to support the highest core count and high power and densest requirements for a range of customer needs, from cloud to edge,” Paret concluded.

Dean Nelson, CEO of Virtual Power Systems (VPS), said, “The data centers of the future are software-defined. Our collaboration with Equinix, Natron Energy, and CE+T on the Co-Innovation Facility shows how VPS software releases stranded energy, increases utilization, and enables cloud-like flexibility on-premises. We are proud to help advance Equinix’s sustainability goals. »

Colin Wessells, CEO of Natron Energy, said, “Natron is delighted to be an active participant in Equinix’s CIF with the deployment of our safe, durable and high-efficiency sodium-ion batteries.

“Natron’s Prussian blue sodium-ion batteries with over 50,000 cycle life, fast charge/discharge, and immediate availability enable new levels of computing system performance and optimization of installations in data centers and edge deployments, as demonstrated by Equinix.

Raouf Abdel, Equinix Executive Vice President of Global Operations, said, “The data center of the future must be sustainable. Equinix is ​​committed to global sustainability, as evidenced by its goal to be climate neutral across all of its operations by 2030.

“We are on track with over 90% renewable energy coverage globally. And through the work we do with partners at CIF, we continue to make significant progress in the way we design, build and operate our global network platform, with high energy efficiency standards,” concluded Abdel.


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