Four Hundred Monitor, June 8

June 8, 2022

jenny thomas

Business partners and resellers have now been notified of the impending Power10 entry-level and mid-range server launches, and it’s only a matter of time before some details start to leak out. We look forward to seeing the new machines and the convergence of cloud-style packaging and pricing for on-premises and cloud versions of these machines.

If you know something, say something. . . .

Either way, we’ll have in-depth coverage and analysis as soon as the template is in place.

The best stories from outside the jungle

(Data Center Dynamics) Some step-by-step guidance on integrating IBM i applications with Azure Synapse data analytics and a data lake configured on the Microsoft cloud.

(Database Trends and Applications) An outside look, from a database and application development perspective, on Technology Refresh 6 for IBM i 7.4 and the new IBM i 7.5. If nothing else, such coverage demonstrates how much more effort computer jungle puts in things.

(Yahoo finance) FalconStor has partnered with IBM to use StorSafe as a way to perform hybrid cloud backups and help migrate applications to the Power Virtual Server cloud.

(container log) An outside perspective on how IBM sees OpenShift as a way to help modernize IBM i applications.

(IOC Review) Modernizing a platform isn’t just about bringing apps into the 21st century, but also using modern DevOps tools on platforms such as the IBM i operating system and database running on Power Systems.

Red books, white papers, blogs and other resources

(Manta Technologies) Take 20% off any course, series, or combo pack, including the complete IBM i Training Library, to celebrate Manta’s 28th anniversary. Sale ends July 31.

(Worksofiam) Liam Berry blogs about his thoughts on IBM’s new Merlin product.

( Simon Hutchinson shares his favorite CL shortcuts.

(Raz-Lee Security) A quick blog on how to protect your data from ransomware.

(The incredible that I show) Host Peg Tuttle records her latest podcast from POWERUp 2022, featuring appearances from speakers and attendees.

Chats, webinars, seminars, shows and other events

June 9 Webinar – Join Ash Giddings, Maxava Product Manager, and Tonny Bastiaans, IBM Global Offering Manager IBM Power Systems Virtual Server (PowerVS), for a webinar and listen to them discuss their technical appreciation of Power Virtual Server and the best way to navigate the path to the cloud.

June 9 – West Lebanon, New Hampshire – NHMUG (New Hampshire Midrange User Group) hosts Db2 for i expert Scott Forstie. This event is free for IBM i professionals and sponsored by NHMUG with assistance from Midrange Dynamics

June 9-10 – Virtual Event – PlatformCon was born to celebrate the community of over 7,000 platform engineers. The brightest platform and DevOps practitioners on the same (virtual) stage, for the first time.

June 12-15 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Ascend is an Oracle user community event that brings together business users, IT professionals, and expert resources for discussions and hands-on training to elevate knowledge and improve decision making, project planning and business operations.

June 14 – Webinar – Learn “How to Embed Virtual Tape and 8 Reasons Why You Should” in this 30-minute educational webcast from LaserVault. Explore the variety of options for integrating a tape library/virtual tape solution to meet a range of backup and recovery goals and requirements.

June 22 – Webinar – Attend this free webinar from New Generation Software to learn more about NGS-IQ and how you can centrally manage and secure access to IBM i data.

July 13 – Summit Workshop Series – Access a modern database on IBM ia half-day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, covers designing and defining a modern database and the steps required to redefine an existing database with DDL – without having to make any changes to the program.

July 20 – Summit Workshop Series – RDi Quickstart for PDM Fans, a half-day online workshop with Susan Gantner, helps you get started (or restarted) quickly using RDi’s new PDM perspective. This streamlined interface includes a table that lets you “work with members” (or objects or libraries) in a form that looks a lot like PDM – but with lots of cool extra features.

July 27 – Summit Workshop Series – Introduction to Open Source on IBM i, a half-day online workshop with Mike Pavlak, introduces you to the basics of using open source software on IBM i. Mike will cover concepts and terminology, how to install and manage open source tools, and review several open source projects and languages.

August 3 – Summit Workshop Series – Data structures and arrays for today’s RPG applicationsa half-day online workshop with Jon Paris, covers nested data structures, multidimensional arrays, dynamic arrays, patterns, using modern indicators, data structure I/O, and more.

August 10 – Summit Workshop Series – Basics in SQL on IBM i, a half-day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, covers SQL terminology and concepts, including basic syntax for Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL), as well as the many SQL functions and compare/contrast some of them with RPG built-in functions. We will see how to access data from multiple tables using JOIN and UNION. We will examine the use of subselect (a SELECT within a SELECT) and the use of Common Table Expressions (CTE) to accomplish more complex data access.

August 17 – Summit Workshop Series – RPG and SRVPGM procedures for examplea half-day online workshop with Susan Gantner, explains how and why to use ILE procedures, modules, service programs, binding directories, binding language, and activation groups.

August 24 – Summit Workshop Series – Python for RPG playersa half-day online workshop with Mike Pavlak, explores the implementation, syntax, and application use cases of Python on IBM i.

August 31 – Summit Workshop Series – API enable your application with web services, a half-day online workshop with Jon Paris and Paul Tuohy, takes you step-by-step through the basics of creating and consuming web services using RPG or SQL with JSON or XML and HTTPAPI or IWS. Find out which approach works best for you.

September 7 – Summit Workshop Series – Embedded SQL in RPG from A to Z, a half-day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, takes you from the basics of a simple SELECT statement, to using a cursor, to using a paging cursor, to using from SQL to maintain your data, to the encapsulation of SQL functions as RPG sub-procedures, to accessing the web with SQL, to the proper use of dynamic SQL. . . And much more.

September 14 – Summit Workshop Series – Is the code for IBM i right for you?, a half-day online workshop with Susan Gantner and Jon Paris, introduces you to Code for IBM i, an open source extension to Microsoft’s Visual Code Studio. This new IDE supports developers working on IBM i applications that use languages ​​such as RPG, COBOL and CL as well as PHP, Node.js, Python and other open source languages.

September 21 – Summit Workshop Series – PHP for RPG players, a half-day online workshop with Mike Pavlak, focuses on PHP fundamentals. It then presents a simple use case for an app, then breaks it down with LOTS of nifty tools and features.

September 28 – Summit Workshop Series – Code a modern RPG applicationa half-day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, walks you through the structure and code of a modern RPG application, exploring the details of each of its many layers.

October 3-5 – St. Louis, Missouri – NAViGATE is COMMON’s annual fall conference. This is an event offering unique in-person and virtual networking opportunities that will take place for attendees to interact and share knowledge. Details to come.

October 5 – Summit Workshop Series – SQL procedures, functions and triggersa half-day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, shows you how to use SQL to enable other languages ​​(and platforms) to leverage existing IBM i code or access SQL functionality from within RPG or COBOL applications.

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