Free Public Webinar on Plants of Oregon Dune Ecosystems | Community

Coast lovers and plant lovers everywhere are invited to attend a free webinar, “Plant Life of the Oregon Dunes: Past, Present & Future,” on Tuesday, October 25 at 6 p.m. Speakers for this online event, sponsored by the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition’s CoastWatch program, are Dr. Sally Hacker and Ian Silvernail.

Oregon’s dune ecosystems are home to a variety of plants, including sand-verbena and sea rocket. However, the dunes are visibly dominated by grasses. Almost a century ago, two non-native invasive dune grasses (European marram grass, marram grass arenaria, and American beach grass, A. breviligulata) were intentionally planted along the Pacific coast to stabilize sand and build foredunes. One of the consequences of the introduction of these grasses is the evolution of the plant community and the decline of native plants. Sally Hacker will open the presentation with a brief history of dunes and seagrass invasion and its consequences.

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