Glenbrook District 225 Receives $567,000 Internet Funding

GLENVIEW, IL – Local students with limited access to reliable internet services at home may be in luck. Congressman Brad Schneider (D-Deerfield) announced Monday that the 10th District received $8.2 million from the US bailout to provide students with reliable internet access.

Glenbrook High School District 225 is among the school districts to receive funding from the Emergency Connectivity Fund. District 225 will receive $567,650, according to Schneider’s office. In addition, School District 34 in Glenview is expected to receive $24,000.

“Children without internet access at home are often left behind, without the basic tools they need to thrive,” Schneider said. “This critical U.S. bailout funding will bridge the digital divide in the Tenth District by ensuring students from Round Lake to Wheeling have reliable internet access.”

According to his office, Schneider helped pass the U.S. bailout last March, which included $7 billion for the Emergency Connectivity Fund to bridge the digital divide and help students succeed during remote schooling and at home. -of the.

Studies indicate that up to 16 million students nationwide lack internet service at home, making it difficult to do homework or do research after the school day is over, a said Schneider’s office. The Emergency Connectivity Fund is a $7.17 billion program, created as part of the US bailout, to help provide relief to millions of students, school staff and library patrons and to help bridging the homework gap for students who currently don’t have internet access or the devices they need to connect to classrooms.

For eligible schools and libraries, the ECF program will cover the reasonable costs of laptops and tablets; Wi-Fi hotspots; modems; routers; and purchases of broadband connectivity for off-campus use by students, faculty, and library patrons.

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