Global streaming time up 14%, Conviva report finds

Streaming continues to show continued growth in the global market with streaming time up 14% in Q2 2022 compared to Q2 2021, according to Conviva’s Q2 Streaming Status Report.

Asia and Latin America saw the strongest growth at 90% and 70% respectively, while North America, which the study considers the world’s most mature streaming market, also grew by 5% YoY.

As the global streaming industry matures, streaming success becomes increasingly complicated. Device fragmentation is increasing and viewers’ quality expectations are rising with an ad-supported streaming world.

Streaming publishers are challenged to deliver a consistent and positive experience. Whether in Africa with an Android phone or in Texas with a Smart TV, viewers expect quality picture, instant access to content and no hassle.

“The race is on to see which publishers will meet these expectations, including delivering the best experience when it matters most,” said Conviva President and CEO Keith Zubchevich.

“Those who do will quickly eclipse the competition. More importantly, those who prioritize getting real-time actionable insights into their customers (real-world experiences) will undoubtedly separate the leaders from the pack,” Zubchevich added.

Conviva highlighted the following findings in its report:

Flow rates increase
Conviva found bitrate increased globally in Q2 2022 across all screen types and devices, but often at the expense of other quality measures.

For example, smart TVs saw the largest increase in bitrate of any screen type, up 15.1% year-on-year.

However, to deliver this higher definition experience, smart TVs have seen a noticeable increase in video start failures, video start time, and buffering.

Conversely, PlayStation and Roku were the only large-screen devices to both reduce video start times (down 10.7% and 12% respectively) and increase bitrate (up 4.6% and 12.9% respectively).

Big screens and Roku stay on top
Streaming company Roku remains the leader in large-screen devices (large-screens include connected TVs, smart TVs and game consoles), holding near steady at 30.5% of watch time, down less than 1% compared to the second quarter of 2021 with the arrival of Amazon Fire TV second with 16% of viewing time on the big screen.

Samsung TV (13.7%), Android TV (7.8%) and LG TV (7.3%) round out the top five devices for big screen viewing time. Chromecast, Xbox and PlayStation all saw their share decline from the previous year.

Android versus iPhone
To date, Conviva has said that the iPhone has been the main mobile streaming device, especially in North America.

In Q2 2022, the gap closed, with iPhone and Android phones capturing an almost identical global market share, 35.8% versus 33.2% respectively.

Android phones have also overtaken the iPhone by 10% in terms of annual growth in streaming hours.

But Apple’s advantage is its quality; it beats Android phones in all quality categories.

As streaming publishers expand into newer, less mature streaming markets outside of North America, optimizing the streaming experience for the Android mobile device market will take on increasing importance.

This first appeared in the CommsWire subscription newsletter on September 13, 2022.


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