Great Falls College to Host “Meet the Experts” IT Panel

The Computer Technology Department at Great Falls College will host a “Meet The Experts in Information Technology” panel for students and prospective students to better understand careers in computers and information systems.

Panelists will include professionals from companies such as Raytheon, DA Davidson, Brightvine, Motion Encoding and Benefis Health System.

GFC Computer Technology Program Director Cheryl Simpson said, “The Meet the Experts in IT panel was created because sometimes students come into our field, cybersecurity, program interconnection, and they don’t know not really what the job will be like, and I find it’s a very helpful thing for them to talk to people in the industry to understand what the job is really like.”

Night falls during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and is part of a push by Simpson and the rest of the Computer Technology Department to raise awareness of Great Falls College’s offerings in technology.

“Sometimes students or young people of all ages will use their computer without thinking about its security, but there are a lot of risks you can take when it comes to cybersecurity, or when using your computer, or using your phone, or connect to a Wi-Fi, which can put your data at risk.We hear of cybersecurity attacks as state ideas.Many cybersecurity attacks actually attack individuals, obtaining data from your machine local, so when you go to turn on wifi, say Starbucks, there is a tax that may apply to your computer or phone in that location. Knowing what it is and being aware of it is the first step to protect you.

Great Falls College students, middle and high school students and those looking to change careers and interested in computer technology should attend, Simpson said.

The panel is Wednesday October. 7, at 5 p.m. in room B101. Enter through Gate 7 into the south parking lot. The event will also be broadcast live on Youtube.


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