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Tech Innovation Global Inc Greetings

Season’s Greetings from Tech Innovation Global Inc: Business Connect honors WOSB Alicia Carroll

ALABAMA, United States, December 5, 2021 / – Tech Innovation Global Inc. is recognized “Entrepreneur of the year” by Business connection in the coming new year representing the commitment of more than 100 countries, companies, associations and regions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, major economies and businesses realized the limitations of not having data review when communicating with digital and stores. Today, Tech Innovation Global Incorporated interfaces with various experts, companies and countries as a liaison to achieve country goals with 44 foreign chambers and organizations. Happy New Year to our best customers in several countries as a contribution of services to other regions. We wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

In the United States, WOSB Alicia Carroll is nominated for an honorary doctorate on the basis of professional training, certifications in organizations, awards and meeting the needs of practitioners in various disciplines and technical communication. WOSB Alicia Carroll is Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s leader for services and business needs. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is an international USFCR company specializing in engineering and management solutions. Alicia Carroll, an engineer with 20 years of experience and a $ 1.5 million investment, is the President of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, along with Trident Solutions LLC as well as seasoned experts in the service industry.

Alicia finds her biggest professional challenge to be flexibility. As a female leader, Alicia faces most of the challenges of her career balancing her time. “Overall, my personal leadership journey lies in the ability to apply what I have learned within my company and share our vision with external audiences to improve sectors.” During her tenure, she worked with several organizations and received awards recognizing her exceptional leadership and exemplary performance. But the price of working with members of her team, learning and talking to the world of the rewarding work she does at Tech Global is closest to her. Alicia shares, We’re launching a new tool at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated where businesses and individuals can register using an electronic device at with virtual connections to
1. Seerletics fitness
2. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated
3. Connect Global Resources with Consumers, Travel, Health and Internet Services

Payment for services includes the following to :
American Express
Electronic wallets.
To affirm.
Debit / Credit Cards
Pay Pal
Apple Pay
Google pay

The honorary doctorate is the work of a lifetime in the United States. Alicia Carroll demonstrates this by sharing each month the capabilities, leadership and connections of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, activities, connected international chambers, 44 foreign companies and enterprises, by reaching out to industry and by continuing to provide analysis to Tech Innovation Global Incorporated. Her company, Tech Innovation Global, a USFCR Inc, is a small, woman-owned business started in 2019 that includes services such as Trident, CPE mental health screening and now has a service tool. The company is conducting an analysis of supply capacities since the start of the pandemic while promoting face mask recommendations and prevention best practices.

Alicia has received several awards and the prestigious honorary doctorate awards are the work of a lifetime. Awards such as The 10 Most Inspirational Business Women Who Make a Difference, 2021, Influential Women in Tech, 2021 and many more.

Today, she remains steadfast with a mission to provide post-COVID-19 skills, focus on additional security, data analysis, including face mask recommendations, inoculation and screening to iron out the curve, provide healthy collaborative habits and services to communities. Throughout this journey, Consultants work together on performance, and the principles she discovered and executed include measurable accomplishments, respect, and compliance processes; values, planning for new technologies and improving business as she supports her church, which are very important standards.

Alicia Carroll and the companies that conduct research will also have three books that offer expert-based information on the tech world. These include Technology by Tech Innovation Global Inc, Development & Illustrations for Kids, and Daily Life Business & Careers by Tech Daily Life at in 2022.

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