Hotel Internet Services Delivers Advanced Operational Efficiency and Cross-System Connectivity with Ruckus IoT Suite

CLEARWATER, Florida.Hotel internet services (HIS), a provider of comprehensive Internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, announced the expansion of its industry-leading online services with the availability of the Ruckus IoT Suite. Showcased by HIS at this year’s HITEC in Orlando, the Ruckus IoT Suite is an advanced solution capable of providing the seamless connectivity and device management that today’s interconnected hotel environments require.

With the vast majority of IoT-based platforms requiring a fast and reliable online connection to function properly, HIS with the Ruckus IoT Suite ensures that hoteliers can adopt a single network capable of consistently delivering high performance quality for all their IoT needs. Capable of supporting a huge range of devices and systems, the Ruckus IoT Suite uses state-of-the-art networking technology that can effortlessly adapt to a multitude of platforms while providing high-speed communication capabilities. . The suite is particularly capable of being scalable as hoteliers add new devices or seek broader service coverage. IoT-based solutions that can be seamlessly supported by the Ruckus IoT Suite include:

  • Door locks and door sensors
  • Motion and presence detectors
  • Thermostats, lights and blinds in the bedroom
  • Staff panic buttons and badges
  • Asset location tags
  • Fridge/freezer temperature and humidity control
  • Finding water and gas leaks
  • Alarms and electrical outlets

“IoT technology represents a watershed moment in our industry, but such solutions are only as effective as the underlying network that supports them,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “As more and more hotel devices and services come online to take advantage of the increased benefits of connectivity, HIS is committed to equipping hoteliers with the latest technologies that enable them to achieve their cost reduction goals. costs, streamlining operations and enabling a personalized customer experience.”

Designed as a flexible platform capable of adapting to a property’s existing infrastructure, the Ruckus IoT Suite can be deployed either using WiFi 6 access points or by connecting a USB IoT module to the hardware of pre-WiFi 6 access point. Either option ensures that connected devices are able to transmit and receive data seamlessly without experiencing weak signal issues. For hoteliers who need help determining which IoT devices and services fit their business needs, experienced HIS technicians are also available to provide guidance and ensure that a selected platform is able to deliver. the expected results.

For more information on the Ruckus IoT Suite or the full suite of technology solutions available from Hotel Internet Services, please contact Shelly Chandler at 866-265-7575 Ext. 737 or email [email protected].

About Hotel Internet Services, Inc.

Serving all of the connectivity needs of the hospitality industry since 2003, Hotel Internet Services, Inc. (HIS) is a leading provider of next-generation communications technology, including high-speed Internet access, the latest entertainment in-room and contactless service, IoT and security systems. Backed by 24/7 monitoring and support, HIS innovations not only include state-of-the-art networking technology that can meet the highest customer expectations, but also GuestCast, the platform for most user-friendly and advanced streaming in the industry. in-room entertainment experience. GuestCast not only ensures user-friendly interaction with features like QR code-based device pairing capabilities, but also ensures optimal performance with the GuestCast dashboard. With data-rich analytics, hoteliers can leverage the GuestCast dashboard to not only monitor the health and usage of individual cast devices, but also gain insight into each point’s Wi-Fi signal quality. network access. In addition to hotels and resorts, HIS also provides equipment and services to hospitals, casinos, military and student housing, senior residences, timeshares, condos, conference centers, apartments, fitness centers and many other commercial locations.

As the industry’s most trusted go-to provider for the latest in network connectivity and IoT-enabled innovation, HIS is recognized for successfully improving online capabilities and customer satisfaction ratings. clients for countless hotels and resorts across the United States. Based in Clearwater, Florida, HIS offers services throughout North America, Australia, Latin America and Europe.

Marc Howbrook
Professional manager

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