How To Create A 360 Degree View Of Customers With A Data Lake | Sponsored Content | Tech-Talk Webinar

Find out how a data lake can serve as the foundation for empowering data-driven experiences with customers, as well as driving revenue and cost reduction opportunities. Hear from Wally Badalamenti, Senior Director, Data, Analytics and Innovation at Gerber Life Insurance, John Reid, Senior Vice President, Client Partner, and Andy Cossette, Vice President, Technology Solutions, both at Merkle.

Join this webinar and find out how:

  • Assemble the right cross-functional team to quickly establish a data lake
  • Develop a data lake roadmap and schedule to keep the project on track
  • Select tools and technology based on business needs and desired use cases
  • Measure the success of operational efficiency, cost reduction and revenue increase
  • More! Find out how Gerber Life Insurance successfully activated a data lake and what they gained


Wally Badalamenti, PMP, is Senior Director, Data, Analytics and Innovation at Gerber Life Insurance. Wally is a life insurance advocate and data-driven marketing champion. He has been recognized for leading award-winning digital transformation efforts and cultivating long-term partnerships in marketing technology and insurance technology. For over 15 years, Wally has focused on identifying, implementing and succeeding emerging capabilities to generate relevant consumer experiences leading to sustainable revenue growth.

John reid is Senior Vice President, Client Partner at Merkle. John is responsible for directing client relations within the insurance and financial services practices at Merkle. He currently oversees the account team supporting Liberty Mutual, T. Rowe Price, Gerber Life Insurance, The Hartford and Protective Life, providing cross-functional strategic leadership and effectively aligning client goals with Merkle solutions.

Andy Cossette is vice president of technology solutions at Merkle. Andy is responsible for helping Merkle clients leverage customer relationship management (CRM) technology to advance business priorities. With nearly two decades of experience in database CRM technologies, Andy has extensive knowledge of Merkle’s global technology capabilities and takes a leadership role in designing cloud native solutions and helping customers achieve their goals. business goals.


Nancy Taffera-Santos is senior vice president of media solutions and strategy at eMarketer. Nancy has been with eMarketer for over 13 years overseeing the media industry, developing programs for major advertisers. Nancy’s experience includes 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and promotions in media, web analytics, and test and measurement equipment. During her downtime, Nancy remains active in alumni councils, non-profit associations and professional associations.

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