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MONTEREY – Classic Car Week, one of Monterey County’s biggest events, is back after being turned off last year due to the pandemic and the county has an interactive webpage to help get there find.

The Monterey County Special Events Calendar for 2021 is a list of events scheduled throughout the year, including a map, dates and locations of Car Week events from August 5 to 15.

“We worked on it with our (IT) department,” Freda Escobar, Monterey County Special Events Permit Coordinator, said at Wednesday’s press conference. “It went really well in 2019 and we added some special features. “

With the help of Darryl Tyler of the IT department and analyst Dina Northcutt, Escobar’s 2018 vision for the website began to take shape and evolved over time to become more useful and a great resource for the website. community.

The events calendar and map have tabs corresponding to each month of the year, and under each month are events that need to take place. As of August, there are currently seven clickable entries, including Monterey County Car Week 2021, which takes viewers to an introductory page on the Car Week 2021 calendar.

The 2021 Car Week calendar page provides a list of events and calendar dates while the tabs at the top take you to each day of Car Week events, as well as a map showing the locations of the events. events with a corresponding arrow. By clicking on the event logo or arrow, you will get information about the event, including its permit status.

Escobar said events are planned in towns and unincorporated areas of the county, which will ultimately impact traffic. The schedule will include a live view of traffic conditions courtesy of Caltrans and a list of Monterey County Public Works road construction projects. There is a link at the top right of the page for current road closures and traffic conditions.

“We all know they are within city limits or in unincorporated areas, it always has an impact on traffic,” Escobar said.

According to Escobar, the live camera feed showing traffic conditions at particular points will appear when a map arrow is clicked during car week. The goal is to help people decide which routes to take and which to avoid during events.

The calendar of events and the map have evolved over time and each year features are added or refined. This year’s iteration is more robust than the 2019 version.

“It’s really a way to provide transparency to the public and residents when things happen,” Escobar said.

Each month, Escobar chairs a meeting of the Special Events Working Group Committee to meet with the organizers.

“We have the regulatory agencies at the table who are also available to answer any questions, provide feedback to the organizers as they go through the licensing process, and then we open it for comment as well. of the public, ”Escobar said. “People are welcome to comment, ask questions of the organizer and also the available regulatory agencies.”

The Special Events webpage explains how to get started, the role of the permit coordinator and the time to expect, which can be at least six months. The page also provides links to resources including the Monterey County Special Events Calendar and Map at

For more information, email Escobar at [email protected] or call Assistant Kayla Johnson at 831-755-5143.

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