Keep your PC cool and running smoothly with the Corsair ML140 RGB Elite fan

Corsair’s line of premium RGB devices and components has been expanded with its recently launched magnetic levitation fans that simultaneously keep your computer cool while looking cool.

Electricity generates heat; heat kills electronics. Your computer needs a cooling mechanism, especially if you’re a gamer, software developer, CAD operator, artist, or generally do anything that requires extra grunt.

Yet not all fans are equal. They all spin, of course, and suck in cool air or suck in hot air, but some do it better and may look better while doing so. Enter the Corsair ML140 RGB Elite; This is a 140mm fan (hence the model number) for a tower case that concentrates airflow deeper into the case before being dissipated. A general fan draws in air where it immediately spreads throughout the case and quickly dissipates. Corsair’s AirGuide technology gives you airflow that penetrates deeper into your case, but most importantly, also allows you to focus the airflow where you want it. By applying multiple fans, you can focus air to, for example, your CPU, RAM, and GPU, and use another fan to focus air elsewhere. Corsair’s tests show an improvement in CPU temperatures, which leads to longer and quieter gaming sessions.

So while you may think that as long as a fan is spinning it’s doing a good job, the reality is that you can improve your computer’s longevity by choosing the best fan for the job – just as you can improve the speed and your disk and RAM capacity through upgraded parts, your fan is also an upgradeable item. And, in fact, it’s a pretty cost-effective upgrade with the fan available for as little as $53.

The fans are powered by magnetically levitated bearings, which means they produce low friction, generate low noise, and have longer durability than traditional bearing fans. Does your fan hum and sometimes even whine? No more, with the magnetic levitation of the Corsair ML140 RGB Elite.

And, of course, the fans feature eight ultra-bright hub-mounted RGB LEDs to show off your PC’s build and blend in with the rest of your iCUE RGB lighting that reacts based on your gameplay, or animates according to your mood. .

The 140mm x 25mm fan draws 0.145A and connects via a 4-pin PWM connector cable. The fans spin between 400 and 1600 RPM +/- 10%, produce between 10 and 31.8 dBA of noise, and produce 15 to 82.9 CFM of airflow. Corsair has other sizes available to meet your platform requirements.

iTWire Installed a pair of ML140 RGB Elite fans on our computer. This machine was starting to get some fan noise – both when playing a graphically intense modern game such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderland where the fans rev up as the GPU boots up, and some general rattles and wobbles fans. The fans have reduced the noise – so much so that the old roar is a barely heard whirr, and the squeaks and rattles are gone. Plus, the same color palette that flashes and flashes with colors on our M65 RGB mouse, K100 RGB keyboard, and Virtuoso RGB wireless XT headset now also extends to the fan, throughout iCue – or through the game titles themselves; Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is one of those titles that will automatically set its own color scheme if you have iCue running. I didn’t realize this at first until I noticed – on a screen of death, of all – that my computer was proudly displaying the same lights I was seeing on the screen.

Installation is a breeze; you just need to put the fan in place, fix the screws and plug in the single connector cable. That’s it! Of course, make sure you have the right size fan. While iTWire has reviewed the ML140 140mm fan, Corsair has other options and you can also buy the fans in multi-packs.

To learn more about Corsair’s AirGuard, click here:


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