KPIs and Metrics That Matter for Digital Marketing Success in 2022 [Webinar]

Not finding much value in KPIs and metrics? Are you skipping steps because they take too long?

What if you could make smarter decisions and identify problems before they harm your business?

The key is to select the right KPIs and metrics for the situation and measure them reliably. And now you can learn how.

Register for the Search Engine Journal webinar on Wednesday, January 26 at 2 p.m. ET to learn how to use the right KPIs and metrics to take advantage of new opportunities.

You’ll hear about the intricacies of marketing measurement from Jonathan Laberge, who will explain how to best measure digital success and make KPIs an essential tool for your company’s bottom line.

You will discover how:

  • Measure effective KPIs.
  • Gather the right data to take action and improve your strategy.
  • Set goals for a variety of digital marketing programs.

You’ll also hear about the best software and systems to use that will make the whole process efficient and effective – everything you need to get started today. Register now!

As part of the live Q&A session, you can also ask questions about your particular situation.

Can’t attend the live webinar? We’ll send you the on-demand version after the event if you register now.

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