Live Webinar | How identity data lays the foundation for innovationWebinar.

Governance and Risk Management, Zero Trust

What role does identity play in your organization? Is it seen as a constant catalyst or obstacle? A growing expense and a headache, or a key asset? Is your innovation “stuck” without a clear path? Many wonder how they can retool existing investments (and integrate future ones) to navigate rapid change and evolution to meet rapidly evolving business needs.

In this panel, moderated by Tom Field, SVP Editorial at ISMG, industry experts will discuss emerging fabric trends and why putting identity at the center is the strategic launch pad for innovation. successful in a variety of initiatives such as regulatory compliance, Zero Trust architecture, productivity, customer experience and more. Jeff Chang, currently head of IAM at South Korea’s largest e-commerce company, will explain how his strategy of redesigning the IAM architecture, putting identity data at the core, has paid off in several organizations, and why modernizing infrastructure doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you first lay the right (identity) foundations. Wade Ellery, Vice President of Solutions Architects at Radiant Logic, will discuss why an identity data structure is essential to harnessing identity and turning it into a renewable resource for the organization.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How unifying identity data can help you deliver on the promise of an identity fabric architecture and implement a cutting-edge identity technology stack;
  • Solutions to scale your identity system without customization or disruption;
  • Why the world’s largest companies have implemented an Identity Data Fabric as a “must have” to improve security, make better business decisions, support ongoing change and drive innovation.
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