Managing Complexity and Compliance in Emerging Automotive Engineering

Build complex systems and accelerate ASPICE compliance, functional safety and cybersecurity requirements with IBM Engineering Solution

Fastrack development leveraging the IBM ELM compliance solution to ensure compliance becomes an integral part of your daily development process


For automotive companies, keeping up to date with the industry compliances required for international trade can be a challenge. For systems and software engineering in the automotive industry, the dominant process standards are the ASPICE model (Automotive Process Improvement and Capability Assessment Model) as well as the ISO 26262 safety standard. Compliance with these standards is a prerequisite for automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. When it comes to setting up a new compliance-focused project, companies regularly face design and customization challenges such as:

  • How to set up processes and tools for efficient work processes while being able to prove compliance.
  • How to establish the required traceability between engineering work products.
  • Additional information beyond requirements, testing, and design information that needs to be managed and how.
  • Methods used to plan and execute engineering project activities.
  • How interdependencies of product configurations and variants can be managed in a scalable way.
  • How to improve collaboration between distributed stakeholders.

Having a robust solution that solves these problems is essential for completing engineering projects without increasing overhead.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from industry leaders on ASPICE, Functional Safety (ISO 26262), Tool Qualification, Engineering Platform for Development, Compliance Management, and Important Collaboration.

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