Marcus Samuelsson’s Quarantine Cooking Tip: Canned Fish

“I have cooked a lot more at home for my family during this pandemic,” says Marcus Samuelsson, from his home kitchen, nearly seven months after the start of the event that caused him to cook more often with his. wife and young son, “that’s one of the silver liners, spending more time in the kitchen and eating together,” adds the James Beard Award-winning chef.

Growing up on an island in Sweden, Samuelsson ate seafood four or five days a week, in every way, in every form – fresh, raw, salted, preserved, salted. “Everyone was involved in the seafood trade,” he recalls. For him, seafood is personal – it conjures up memories of walking into his grandmother’s house, throwing on an apron and cooking a certain type of fish.

“I have no memories of playing with my grandmother. I have memories of meals, memories of cooking, like her telling me about the mortar and pestle, touching the dough with her hands, trying to get a very specific taste.

Now Samuelsson can replicate that taste for himself and his family, even when we’re all stuck inside. In particular, he is interested in mackerel, a fish he grew up with. “It’s all in the texture,” he says. He prefers King Oscar mackerel fillets in olive oil, which can be used in a wide range of Mediterranean-style recipes. “Canned ingredients can be great flavor enhancers,” he says, noting that canned lemons and Calabrian peppers are also fantastic additions to canned fish.

In addition to canned seafood, Samuelsson recommends storing good balsamic vinegar, fish sauce, and piquillo peppers in a winter pantry, all of which can enhance the flavors of cold produce. Pasta, of course, is another staple in Samuelsson’s pandemic pantry, especially dried bucatini, which he loves for texture, especially with mackerel. Now, he’s teamed up with King Oscar to celebrate how incorporating premium seafood can easily elevate home cooking, by sharing a Mackerel and Swiss Chard Bucatini Recipe anyone can. prepare in minutes.

“It’s such a strange time to shop for groceries,” Samuelsson says. “It is important to have brands of trust.

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