Ministry of Information Technology reissues proposed changes to IT rules – The New Indian Express

Express press service

BENGALURU: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has republished a new draft of IT Rules Amendments 2021. It has invited stakeholders to comment within the next 30 days. Last week, he withdrew the draft amendments hours after it was published.

“As the digital ecosystem and connected internet users in India grow, so do the challenges and issues they face, along with some of the infirmities and loopholes that exist in the current rule vis-à-vis screws of the Big Tech platform. Accordingly, new changes have been proposed to the 2021 IT rules, to address these challenges and shortcomings,” he said in a note.

It will also organize a formal public consultation meeting by mid-June. He also said that it will not affect Indian start-ups or growth-stage companies or start-ups.

The IT Ministry said the proposed rule requires intermediaries to respect the rights guaranteed to users under the Indian Constitution. This was necessitated because a number of intermediaries acted in violation of the constitutional rights of Indian citizens.

He also proposed creating a Grievance Appellate Committee. Users will have the ability to appeal the intermediary grievance process to this new appeal body.

The government has also proposed a requirement for intermediaries to deal with certain complaints about removal of content from a platform within 72 hours, due to the very nature of cyberspace offering instant communication, awareness and virality, did he declare.

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