MLA Releases Latest Red Meat Webinar Recordings

MLA CEO Jason Strong will lead the speakers for the “impact” webinar.

MEAT and Livestock Australia has published a series of webinars on innovation, integrity systems and marketing in the red meat and livestock industry.

The MP said the IMPACT webinars discussed how the red meat and livestock industry continues to build on existing programs and implement new initiatives to ensure future prosperity.

MLA Managing Director Jason Strong said the past five weeks have provided a fantastic opportunity to update stakeholders across the red meat supply chain on key work programs that demonstrate how the he industry was creating an impact through investments aimed at doubling the value of red meat. sales by 2030.

“From genetics and genomics, to the automation of objective measurement and processing, to state-of-the-art integrity systems and groundbreaking marketing campaigns, there have been a number of groundbreaking innovations and accomplishments that have contributed to the success of the red meat industry.

“In this series, our panelists also explain how, as an industry, we plan to be bolder, aim higher, overcome complex challenges and stay focused on the end of the game,” said Mr. Strong.

“We have seen a strong attendance at the live webinars this year with a lot of interest in the topics as well as excellent Q&A sessions.

“I encourage anyone in the industry to go online to watch the tapes and as always we would be happy to hear your comments,” he said.

Webinar 1: Impact through Supply Chain Innovations

This webinar discusses the innovations that are modernizing our supply chains and how leveraging feedback and connecting data delivers greater benefits to the industry today and into the future.

Webinar 2: Impact through sustainable innovations

Find out how industry partnerships are being used to solve some of the industry’s big and complex problems while helping to double the value of red meat sales and positioning Australia as a reliable source of protein through its investments in Sustainable development.

Webinar 3: Impact through strengthening integrity systems

Australian integrity systems protect the disease free status of the red meat and livestock industry and support the marketing of Australian products as clean, safe and traceable. This webinar discusses the strategy that impacts our supply chains to strengthen integrity systems and create efficiencies through eNVD – our digital industry record keeping system.

Webinar 4: Marketing impact towards 2030

This webinar explains how MLA is reshaping its national and international marketing programs to stay relevant and drive more impact from marketing investments.

Webinar 5: Impact of Red Meat Positioning to Build Community Confidence

In this webinar, learn about the main activities that MLA undertakes in partnership with the industry to share the positive and real story of Australian red meat and how the industry is addressing myths on topics such as the environment, animal welfare, nutrition and false meats.

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