NAS receives $90.00 for the purchase of buses |

The Conseil scolaire des écoles de la region de Napoléon recently accepted $90,000 to help it buy and replace two of its buses.

The school bus purchase program is part of the latest state budget, which included $50 million for districts to purchase school buses in fiscal years 2022 and 2023. Napoleon will receive $90,000 to be used for l purchase of two buses that will replace two existing buses. .

Treasurer Michael Bostelman said the required paperwork has been returned to the state and the goal is to have the buses by next year.

In other cases, the board reviewed a written report submitted by Napoleon’s police officer, Bradley Strickland, the school’s resource officer.

This year, Strickland met kindergarten classes; taught 30 first-grade DARE courses, which teach students different ways to stay safe; and taught a 12-week DARE program in fifth grade, which includes several topics including bullying, risk and consequences, peer pressure, communication, and facts about drugs and alcohol.

Strickland made 123 presentations this year, attended 52 meetings, handled 56 police reports and one accident report, assisted in 35 school complaints, assisted in the parking lot four times, and attended 75.5 hours of training.

Superintendent Dr. Erik Belcher summarized the report and thanked Strickland for his service to the district.

“I just want to thank him for all he does for the kids at our school,” Belcher added.

In other subjects, the council:

• Approved the Northwestern Ohio Educational Services Center Mentorship Program Agreement for services for the 2022-23 school year.

• Approval of the Northwest Ohio Computer Association’s Internet services contract for a period of four years. The cost for 2022 will be $38,019.69. The estimated cost for the second year is $39,160.28, for the third year is $40,335.09 and for the fourth year is $41,545.14.

• Ratified the 2021-22 Interagency Agreement between the Community Action Commission of Northwest Ohio and local education agencies in Henry County. The agreement is between the Northwest Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC), NOCAC Head Start in Henry County, education agencies including the four local school districts, the Center for Educational Services of Northwest Ohio, Henry County Help Me Grow, and Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The intent of the agreement is to ensure children have smooth transitions between agencies in their early years (up to age 5) by having a comprehensive service delivery system and coordinated transition processes. .

•Approved the following elementary textbooks for the 2022-23 school year.

• Accept the amounts and rates set by the Budget Committee.

•Accepted the following donations: a Napoleon Union School 1883 graduation announcement from Judy Baxtresser; two 1908 and 1910 Napoleon Union School picture postcards by Adam Niese; and three recorders and two method books worth about $50 by Jean Dever to the high school orchestra.

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