Navigating the Ultra-Competitive Nearshore IT Job Market

Nearshore Americas is launching a new webinar that will highlight the intense competition for tech talent in Latin America and explore strategies designed to offer tips for winning the battle to hire IT professionals.

Scheduled for Nov. 3 at 2:00 p.m. (EDT), the event will guide attendees through all stages of recruitment, explore the role of recruitment agencies in today’s job market, and identify the skills most in demand. The “special broadcast” webinar will also discuss how to meet rising employee expectations and where to set up new nearshore operations.

“In virtually every market where IT talent is available in the nearshore, we are seeing fierce competition between recruiting firms. Not only do we plan to explore the “state” of recruiting and staffing, but we also want to extract strategies that actually prove effective in such an environment,” says Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director of Nearshore Americas, who will be hosting also the session.

Keynote speakers will include Rafael Perez, COO and Director of Sales at NDS Cognitive Labs; Luis Derechin, co-founder of Nir-Yu; and Rohan Kulkarni, marketing director of Revelo, a platform dedicated to recruiting talent in Latin America.

Latin America has long been a prime hunting ground for US tech companies due to its time zone alignment with major US cities. With the rise of remote work, hiring talent in the Nearshore is much easier than ever. As remote work becomes a norm, the tech industry accepts that developers can work for anyone, from anywhere.

Nearshore Americas reported how some US companies are using platforms like Torre and Telescoped to hire talent directly from the region.

Latin America is becoming an important source of tech talent. According to California-based market research firm Evans Data Corp, the region has the second highest growth rate for the creation of software developers.

The practice where US-based clients and customers choose to “hire direct” will also be explored. Register here for the webinar.

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