NECP Webinar: Stay Flexible and Adaptable by Planning for Communication Continuity

Achieving secure and resilient voice and data communications in the emergency communications ecosystem is essential for public safety agencies to perform their missions. However, as emergency communication systems and functions become more interconnected, they also become more vulnerable to the impacts of physical and cyber threats and hazards. The National emergency communication plan (NECP) highlights the critical need for public safety organizations to plan for the continuity and recovery of critical communications. Despite its importance, the national SAFECOM survey found that less than half of public safety organizations include processes in their plans to ensure continuity of communications during emergencies or unusual disasters.

This webinar, hosted by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, will highlight the importance of continuity capabilities in the emergency communications ecosystem and provide attendees with best practices to ensure limited loss of critical communications during incidents. Speakers will discuss specific communication elements that should be taken into account; explain how existing capacities need to be updated or improved to ensure continuity based on lessons learned; and provide real-world experiences of how jurisdictions have adapted to mitigate the mission’s impacts of communications vulnerabilities. During the webinar, attendees can expect to discuss:

  • Continuity capacity building principles, practices and resources available in the FEMA National Continuity Resource Toolkit and other sites;

  • The importance of periodically reviewing and updating or improving capabilities; and

  • Leverage NECP to understand and build resilience in emergency communications

Presented in partnership with:

Directorate of National Continuity Programs of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Department of Emergencies and Customer Communications of the City of Alexandria (VA)

To join, use:

Link (for the visual):
Call (for audio): 800-897-5813

Please consider registering a few minutes early to ensure connectivity. You need to connect for audio. For more information on the webinar, please visit:

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