New Santa Ana | The city of Santa Ana wants to know how you access the Internet

The City of Santa Anna is working with the business and housing community to better understand the need for additional Internet services and how the City can help.

The City of Santa Anna has partnered with Magellan Advisors, a leading broadband planning company, to assess the availability of affordable and reliable Internet for residents and businesses. The main objective of the survey is to gather information from organizations and residents of the community in order to better understand their unique needs, current challenges and how the city is having a positive impact on the provision of Internet services. That is to say.

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete this survey from a computer in your primary residence or office.

The Internet has become a full-fledged utility of the 21st century, fostering community prosperity and supporting long-term community goals. Internet access improves the quality of life for residents and businesses of Santa Ana. It is imperative that students and residents have reliable and affordable internet access, especially during COVID-19.

For more information Internet survey on the city of Santa Ana.. Click below for direct access to the surveys in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The survey should be conducted by a representative of a household or organization that selects and pays for Internet services.

Responda nuestra encuesta sobre el access to Internet

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