Northport approves mill rate and funds for broadband

NORTHPORT — The Northport Select Board set the mileage rate for the city on July 25 at 15.9 mills for fiscal year 2023, an increase of 0.4 mills from the figure for fiscal year 2022. The board has also voted to approve granting $187,173.58 to Great Works Internet to provide fiber optic service to much of the city.

The 15.9 mill rate will result in an overlay of $51,695.97 for the city, of which $4,850,645.63 is expected to be collected for taxes.

According to city administrator James Kossuth, the city last year won a grant from the state of Maine to provide fiber optic cable to about half the city using US bailout funds. This spring the town won another grant to do the rest of the town. The figure of $187,173.58 represents the first half of the project and the city has contracted with GWI to provide the service.

Kossuth said the townspeople are very excited to have high-speed internet services available in the town.

As part of GWI’s construction, the Select Board has also approved the installation of an electronic housing shed which will be located at 1429 Atlantic Highway.

GWI representative Thomas Gilmore said the hangar would house equipment for the continued operation of the city’s fiber optic network. He said GWI staff would only be at the facility a few times a month for about an hour to check on equipment. Gilmore said the building’s temperature would be controlled to protect equipment inside the facility.

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