Novant Responds to Leaked Webinar Critical of the Unvaccinated Population

New regional medical center in Hanover (Photo: WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – A clip from a meeting with a local health care provider goes viral.

The video which is shared on social media features three employees of the Novant / New Hanover Regional Medical Center, NHRMC President Shelbourn Stevens, Dr Mary Kathryn Rudyk and Marketing Director Carolyn Fisher, discussing COVID communication.

Dr Rudyk can be seen and heard saying, “Maybe we need to be a little scarier to the public altogether.”

They are discussing the inclusion of men and women still in hospital after recovering from COVID in the number of COVID cases.

“There are still a lot of people in hospital that we are looking at post-COVID,” Rudyk continued, “so how do we include post-COVID in the number of patients we have in the hospital? “

“So are all the people who have been in the hospital since COVID started? Carolyn Fisher asked. They clarified that this meant post-COVID patients were still in the hospital after testing negative.

Towards the end, Dr Rudyk says, “You know that if you don’t get the shot you’re going to die. * laugh * Let’s be really blunt with these people.

A spokesperson for the hospital released the following statement in response to the video.

“Team members involved in this excerpt from an internal meeting see the highest level of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths so far in this pandemic – despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines. It was a frank discussion among healthcare and communications professionals on how we can more accurately convey the gravity and gravity of what is happening inside our hospitals and in all of our communities. Specifically, the data we shared does not include patients who remain hospitalized for COVID-19-related complications even though they are no longer COVID-19 positive, so it does not provide a complete picture of the disease. total impact of COVID-19 on our patients. and on our hospitals. We continue to be concerned about the amount of misinformation in our communities and constantly strive to find more ways to be transparent and tell the whole story. The continued increase in hospitalizations clearly shows that we still have work to do to reach our communities with these messages. “

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