On-Demand Webinar: Lateral Hires – Issues to Consider

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In this webinar, the panel discusses key issues related to hiring and onboarding new partners, including disclosure of confidential company and customer information, data protection, covenants, and security considerations. ‘integration.

Lateral hires are a key element of business growth for law firms, and yet there is a natural conflict to overcome between the information required for a partner’s move to a new firm, the elements that will contribute to the successful move and the obligations of a partner – both to their current firm and regulatory obligations.

There is also a natural conflict between a partner’s desire to succeed in their new firm and their obligations to their current firm to act in their best interests (and to adhere to covenants).

The panel includes Fergal Cathie, our Senior Regulatory Counsel for Law Firms (Chair), Chris Holme who works with a number of law firms on people issues and leads the industry group professional services from our employment team, and Niya Phiri from our law firm responsibility. , regulatory, disciplinary and investigators. Chris also brought his experience in side recruitments, as a member of our UK board and side partner recruitment committee.

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