Oyla hosts webinar on 3D LiDAR sensor fusion security solutions

LiDAR-based systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for security and surveillance applications, due to the accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the technology.

Consumer camera and analysis

As such, Oyla, Inc. has created the world’s first consumer camera and analytics solution that merges high-performance LiDAR and video into a single camera that integrates seamlessly with existing physical security infrastructure, while at the same time allowing faster and more precise decision-making. as greater security.

Join Olya for an exclusive live webinar on Thursday, July 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET to learn more about this new unconventional imaging solution with high-precision analyzes via 3D, AI and fusion video.

Oyla Video Surveillance Solution Webinar

Webinar attendees will get an overview of Oyla’s one-of-a-kind video surveillance solution

Webinar attendees will get an overview of Oyla’s one-of-a-kind CCTV solution that can dramatically increase accuracy and reduce false alarms using an integrated 3D sensor.

State-of-the-art technology provides a complete, in-depth view of a site that dramatically increases the amount of data, providing better insight into security and business intelligence, and resulting in a system cost that is five times lower than other merge solutions. sensors on the market.

Integration of LiDAR technology with video analysis

Oyla will highlight some of the key security benefits of LiDAR in the current scenario, how LiDAR technology integrates with existing video surveillance and analysis software, and why this technology is essential for integrators. In addition to its ability to operate in a variety of weather conditions and perform reliably in both light and dark conditions, these cameras offer:

  • High accuracy and low false alarm rates
  • Powerful analysis that works well in all lighting conditions
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Seamless integration with cameras and existing infrastructure

An easy to manage solution

Oyla, Inc. CEO Srinath Kalluri said:While many physical security customers started using analytics with their video, many turned off analytics after just a few months due to too many false positives or insufficient capacity under varying conditions. .

He adds, “We realized we could solve this problem using depth sensors with unique system enhancements to merge 3D and 2D video within existing infrastructure.

Adding LiDAR to CCTV

Manufacturers in the security and business intelligence markets have long considered adding LiDAR, or 3D imaging, to consumer CCTV cameras, but have failed due to cost and complexity.

Oyla’s technology offers an affordable camera platform that integrates LiDAR and video at the hardware level, fusing 3D and video data to achieve the highest levels of reliability in a unified model.

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