Pakistanis Unable to Report Taxes Due to Slow Internet on Chehlum and FBR System Problems

A policeman walks past the Federal Tax Council office building in Islamabad. Photo: Reuters
  • Slow internet prevents the filing of tax returns for Pakistanis.
  • Pakistanis are also reporting obstacles in filing tax returns amid the problems of the RBF system.
  • The RBF spokesperson said people shouldn’t wait three to four days before the deadline to file their tax returns.

ISLAMABAD: Difficulties in completing tax returns by September 30 have been reported by several citizens due to issues in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) system and Chehlum processions, The news reported Tuesday morning.

People trying to file their returns complained of difficulty due to the slow Internet speed.

Internet services have slowed in different parts of the country due to the Chehlum processions, which hamper the downloading of returns and tax challenges, the publication reported.

When the FBR spokesperson was contacted on Monday evening, he said that when the majority tried to file their statements over the past few days, the computer system was facing problems.

There is a need, he said, to educate people to file their returns within the first 86 days and there was no need to wait the last three to four days to file returns.

The RBF spokesperson said the tax administration’s computer system was working fine, but internet services were slow in different parts of the country, so taxpayers had to use a fast internet connection to file their returns.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin posted a video message and asked taxpayers to file their returns and contribute to the national pot based on their annual income.

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