Porter County Council deals with wages | Local News

Council President Jeremy Rivas, D-2e, defended Zepeda.

“She has an opening, and she’s trying to bring someone down to the lower level of that opening,” he said.

It’s different from spreading out the difference in pay between other employees, said vice chairman Mike Jessen, R-4th.

“Make these numbers based on data and facts, not emotions,” Brickner said.

County auditor Vicki Urbanik said the wages ordinance allows new hires to be paid less than the maximum for each position, but approval from everyone’s board is required.

This allows Zepeda to advertise the first assistant position with a salary of $ 35,937.

Later in the meeting, the board considered a request from CIO Lee Childress to reduce the salary for two positions – from $ 71,717 to $ 41,882 for a Level 1 technician and from $ 71,717 to $ 58,000 for a level 2 technician.

“Our salaries were really skewed” before Childress was promoted to his post as director two months ago, he said. “This is what really should be paid.”

Childress said he looked online to determine what the salaries should be for those positions. Replacing a broken keypad doesn’t require the same level of skill as fixing a faulty phone system, he said.

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