Reviews | Rejected by Twitter, Trump will try to build his own version.

Meanwhile, his terms of service are a riot, so to speak. They include the prohibition of any content that “denigrates, tarnishes or prejudices, in our opinion, us and / or the Site” and “the excessive use of capital letters”.

Tech-denigrating Trump appears to be a Silicon Valley tech brother. Her company is hiding behind the same skirt as all of them; it uses article 230, the law which grants broad immunity to technological platforms, as a shield. Of course, Trump used to criticize the rule and issued an ill-conceived executive order when he was president in an attempt to overturn it. And yet, Truth Social notes that it is “not responsible for … any Third Party Content posted on, available through or installed from the Site, including [its] content, accuracy, offense, opinions [or] reliability.”

It could all be rather fun to watch, given Trump’s long track record of failed startups, bankruptcies, and problematic business relationships, especially with such a colossal declared ambition. The 22-page pitch deck for the media company that will house Truth Social, noted that there is a “market opportunity to disrupt big technology.”

According to the outline of his vision, “In 2021, the media pendulum has tilted dangerously far to the left. TMTG intends to level the playing field. He also says: “To counter this liberal bias and this dangerous exercise in technological monopoly censorship, Donald J. Trump and TMTG intend to set up a media company and of technology anchored in social media, digital streaming, information technology infrastructure, etc.

While I applaud all innovation efforts, the company claims it can disrupt in three great spaces: social (disrupt Facebook and Twitter), media (disrupt Disney, Netflix, CNN and iHeartRadio) and, in a way totally implausible, the cloud and payments (disrupting Stripe, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure).

Shockeroo, the company’s pitch is heavy with grievances and light on specifics and technological chops. It also comes at a time when there are already a lot of other efforts in the same space on the right. Anyone, of course, would have loved to have Trump on board, as Jason Miller, his former senior advisor and CEO of Gettr, pointed out to me in a “Sway” podcast earlier this year. In a statement posted on Twitter (natch!) Noting that the couple couldn’t come to an agreement, Miller praised Trump “for coming back into the social media fray,” even though Trump shoved him in the back with Truth Social.

“President Trump has always been a great deal maker, but we just couldn’t agree on a deal,” Miller wrote. Quite cordial, given how reduced his prospects are without Trump on board.

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