Satellite Terminals Debut at FORSWAY @ IBC Expo in Amsterdam – SatNews

Forsway unveiled the company’s next generation of satellite terminals. Produced by a strategic manufacturing partner, Zinwell, the new Forsway Odin F-60 and Odin F-60 Pro terminals will be available in the first quarter of 2023 and will succeed the F-50 model. Previews of the new terminals will be available during IBC Lounge, September 9-11, Amsterdam.

Forsway’s hybrid SATCOM hardware and technology combines satellite with existing terrestrial technologies enabling broadband services for users in a multitude of underserved markets that still lack reliable Internet access. The new generation of Forsway satellite terminals will help carriers and service providers deliver cost-effective broadband connectivity in areas where they previously lacked the capacity to deliver reliable broadband services to end users.

Forsway Odin F-60 and Odin F-60 Pro are cost-effective, high-performance satellite routers developed for hybrid IP services by leveraging a combination of satellite and terrestrial data. The reference technology and equipment exploits DVB-S2/(X)/ACM for the downlink with the possibility of combining a wide range of terrestrial return channels.

The Forsway Odin F-60 Pro has a built-in LTE modem and doubles the data bandwidth of the satellite, while the F-60 is a more economical version for scenarios where mobile connectivity and the highest throughput are not available. are not necessary.

Forsway products provide improved broadband access in regions that experience fragmented or insufficient connectivity. The company’s hybrid solutions enable carriers and service providers to offer reliable connectivity packages both in emerging markets and in the vast amount of rural areas found in most industrialized countries.

Main characteristics

  • Higher throughput; at 200 Mbit/s (satellite to LAN)
  • Expandable internal storage for storing content delivery use cases
  • Internal LTE module (in F-60 Pro edition)
  • Supports DVB-S2X and GSE for better satellite bandwidth efficiency
  • Built-in high-performance Wi-Fi 5 access point
  • Support for running workloads at the edge


  • Satellite Hybrid Broadband Internet Services, as CPE in Forsway Xtend System
  • Receiving and storing content from satellite multicast
  • Gateway for multicast ABR streaming
  • Target for running large scale, distributed and controlled containerized edge workloads using satellite multicast
  • The router incorporates all the features required for hybrid satellite Internet connectivity. For simplified installation, satellite service provisioning is fully automatic.
  • Return channels
  • Built-in LTE modem (in F-60 Pro edition) Mobile USB sticks ADSL modems and other Ethernet network devices

Forsway’s unique and innovative technology products and solutions combine satellite with existing telecommunications networks, enabling broadband services for large numbers of users in underserved markets lacking reliable Internet access. Forsway’s unique solutions eliminate the need to deploy additional network infrastructure, creating significant time and cost savings for carriers and service providers. The Forsway Xtend Ecosystem is a comprehensive toolkit and cost effective hybrid satellite extender that challenges the traditionally high cost of connecting hard to reach and underserved markets – rural areas in emerging and established markets. Xtend is designed to remove the complexity of deploying satellite broadband in regions with limited infrastructure and monetize unused operator bandwidth.

Zinwell was founded in Taiwan in 1981 and went public in 1999. Zinwell has become a leading supplier of digital cable/satellite/terrestrial receiving equipment, broadcast and broadband communication equipment, d ‘IPTV receiving equipment, wireless equipment, 5G and IoT products in Taiwan. . Based on extensive experience and expertise in a global market, Zinwell has laid the foundation for long-term development and future-oriented innovation. Our highly skilled team works continuously to foster technical know-how, products and a partnership that creates future value for our customers, prioritizing creativity and focusing on the latest technology trends.

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