SixthUp releases the recording of its “Best Threats to Cloud Security” webinar

I am encouraged by the response the webinar received. I hope this session would have provided participants with key information to be ready and equipped to derail the tidal wave of security attacks.

– Ashish Choudhary – CEO, SixthUp

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 18, 2021 / – SixthUp, a US-based consulting company that provides cloud services, emerging technologies and digital journey transformation solutions across various industries, announced the release of the recording of his recent webinar, entitled – “Top Cloud Security Threats: Understanding Your Responsibilities in a Shared Security Model and the Steps You Can Take to Mitigate Security Threats.” The webinar is intended for C-Suite executives, CISOs and security teams, IT managers and architects, engineers and developers, systems / network / database administrators and cloud professionals from all industries.

The webinar took place on November 10, 2021, where a panel of cloud experts including Chris Whitehead, Cloud Architect & Sr. Associate at SixthUp, and David Hampton – Sr. Cloud & DevSecOps Architect at SixthUp discussed some common but high impact security. which organizations can remedy to reduce the attack radius. The session was moderated by Lee Shorts, Senior Relationship Director at SixthUp.

Topics covered during the webinar include:
• Understand the shared security model
• Safety responsibilities
• Defense in depth
• Main vulnerabilities of the cloud
• Common configuration errors
• Remediation

“Every time the adoption of a new technology increases, there is a corresponding increase in security vulnerabilities. When organizations rush to complete IT projects, sometimes they forget to secure IT. It was a pleasure to discuss cloud security as a topic with David, an experienced DevSecOps practitioner. said Chris Whitehead, Cloud Architect & Senior Associate at SixthUp.

David Hampton, Sr. Cloud & DevSecOps Architect at SixthUp, said: “Delighted with the response from the webinar and grateful to everyone who attended this webinar. It was a pleasure to share the limelight with Chris, and I hope the participants learned valuable lessons from our discussion. With DevSecOps tools and practices, organizations can lay a solid foundation for digital transformation.

Lee Shorts, Senior Relationship Manager at SixthUp, says: “Overall the webinar went extremely well. I would like to congratulate Chris and David on this informative session and thank the audience for making this webinar a success. Hopefully, this will allow our viewers to learn about the critical threats common to the cloud and the preventive measures to be taken against them. “

Ashish Choudhary – CEO of SixthUp, said – “I am encouraged by the response the webinar has received and appreciate our audience for taking the time to attend. Cloud data breach is more and more common. Ironically, cloud adoption is driven by the perceived security it offers. I hope this session would have provided participants with key information to be ready and equipped to derail the tidal wave of security attacks.

SixthUp’s suite of offerings includes cloud, data, analytics, AI and machine learning, web application development, accelerator-backed automation services for the transformation of the digital journey, data and information analysis.

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SixthUp is a technology consulting firm that provides emerging technology, cloud and digital services to fuel our clients’ business growth. Their approach eliminates risk, speeds time to market for their customers, and allows them to reap the real rewards of adopting the technology. SixthUp represents the Dynamic Technologies group, which has provided technology and software solutions for more than two decades to organizations across all industries in the United States, Europe and Africa.

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