Surveillance Technology for Ocean-going Vessels

Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled the STAR-X 3D naval radar on ThursdayDesigned for use by Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) and other small craft.

The radar uses IAI’s Active Electronic Scanning System (AESA) technology to conduct surveillance operations both in the air and on the ground.

According to the company, this new technology is also capable of carrying out missions in special economic zones.

IAI emphasizes the importance of information technology AESA 3D Radar In today’s military environment, where threats often come from multiple directions.

What is this “proven” technique?

The company said the Star-X is fully digital and based on “proven” IAI-ELTA radar technology. Compared to these devices, the Star-X is lighter, more compact and more energy efficient.

Additionally, the STAR-X is modular and according to the company, it can be upgraded easily and inexpensively.

Iyal Shapira, Vice President and General Manager of Air Defense, said, “Star-X radars meet growing demands for radars designed for boaters to protect against a wide range of threats including terrorism, smuggling , illegal fishing, SAR, etc. IAI radar and naval system.

“Whether used to protect critical infrastructure on the high seas or to assist in search and rescue operations, STAR-X provides significantly better situational awareness than legacy systems traditionally fitted to this class of vessel“IAI is proud of the capabilities we bring to this increasingly important class of ships.”

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