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Online seminar Management software giant Workday operates a private cloud in five data centers, with a number of compute cores that currently stands at one million and is doubling year on year.

With 150TB of images uploaded every week, during a scary maintenance window, it needs a distributed, scalable, and reliable storage platform with support for block and object storage. But Workday also wants something open source, with a strong community. and enterprise level support.

It is therefore significant that Red Hat Ceph has been at the heart of its storage strategy for eight years now, in a collaboration that has generated upstream contributions from the Workday and Red Hat engineering teams that benefit the entire community.

Which naturally leads to the questions: “But how did they actually do it?” And indeed, “Could I do the same too?”

Well, you can get those two questions answered by joining this upcoming webinar, Scaling Our Private Cloud Storage Platform, on November 16 at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 GMT.)

Our very own Tim Phillips, a man who knows everything about the epic scale, will be joined by Sergio de Carvalho from Workday and Uday Boppana from Red Hat, who will explain how Workday deployed the Linux vendor’s Ceph in its data centers as it was working to expand his footprint.

Together, they will explain how Workday came to the conclusion that software-defined storage was the right way to solve their storage problems.

They will also tell you how the two companies deployed Ceph and worked together to iron out the inevitable bumps in the road that emerge during an installation of this magnitude.

All you need to do to get the Red Hat and Workday experience is go to the registration page here, fill in some details, and we’ll call you back the same day.

You will come out of this webinar better positioned to tackle your own storage challenges, no matter what scale you are working at.

Sponsored by Red Hat

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