Webinar — Climate Change Regulation: Why Banks Need Granular Data

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 2 p.m. ET

Green is the new gold and when it comes to climate change, what banks need to look for is data

With extreme weather events becoming an almost weekly occurrence in the United States, technological disruptions, shifting consumer demand, and regulations forcing businesses to think greener, commercial lenders face physical and transition risks in their loan portfolio.

However, this presents both risks and opportunities, and for commercial lenders who are willing to “use time wisely” as the OCC’s Michael Hsu has suggested, climate change could represent the next big gold rush in commercial lending.

But to take advantage of this, banks must understand the risk in their loan portfolio at a granular, loan-level level, combining historical data with a forward-looking view to anticipate where the most vulnerable loans are.

Peter Grant, President of OakNorth, shares the challenges banks are currently facing and what they need to do to address climate risk in the coming years, including:

  • How to collect and analyze the data needed to address climate change risks in a more structured and strategic way
  • How to develop a loan-level understanding of how climate change risk ripples along the value chain
  • How to build climate-confident teams who are able to have the right conversations with borrowers, enabling them to understand their climate sensitivity and vulnerability, and how this can impact their creditworthiness

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Peter Grant
President and Chief Operating Officer, OakNorth

With a 20-year career in enterprise software, Peter has led the sales of several iconic companies contributing to their explosive growth and IPOs, as well as driving the cloud revolution.

He began his career at Oracle Siebel, where he helped grow revenue from $100 million to $2 billion, growing the number of employees from 350 to 8,000 in just four years. He then joined salesforce.com as managing director of the UK business and was only the 10th employee, but helped grow the company’s revenue from $50 million to $1 billion under the directed by Marc Benioff.

He then returned to work with Tom Siebel, joining C3.ai, where he held a leadership position responsible for all US and APAC releases, reporting directly to Tom.

Based in San Francisco, Peter is OakNorth’s President and COO, leading its revenue and growth, working directly with OakNorth co-founder Rishi Khosla.

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