Webinar Offers ‘Sandwich Generation’ Family Vacation Tips

Prestige Senior Living is planning a free webinar at 11 am Wednesday with vacation-themed tips for the “sandwich generation” – those who care for both children and their aging parents.

Anyone can pre-register for the session as a service provided by Prestige Assisted Living of Coeur d’Alene at Legends Park and the Sullivan Park Assisted Living Community in Spokane. Host Christy Byrne Yates, a Sacramento-based author of “Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation,” plans to provide ideas for families around the season’s gatherings.

“My topic is really going to be vacations, and we’ll cover some unique stressors – how to integrate kids with your parents if they maybe need a lot of care, and how you might go about it differently, especially kids. parents who may have memory problems, ”Yates said.

“How do you deal with traditions? You are eager to keep all of these traditions, but it can stress you out more than the traditions are worth.

Trying to keep the same celebrations can also stress grandparents who have illnesses, tire easily, or suffer from memory problems. Holidays can add stress due to busier schedules, but families can find solutions to avoid being overloaded with the needs of young and old, with little time to look after themselves, she declared.

She suggests finding calm activities that an older parent can do with the children. “A good thing to do is browse picture books, and it could be a family photo album. Also consider doing a quiet craft or playing Go Fish when the kids and grandparents are interacting.

Parents can educate children in advance about quiet times with grandparents and encourage eye contact.

If elderly parents live in a facility, find out what they like about the facility or what vacation activities are available at the facility. Maybe now is the time to bring grandchildren, she said.

“My slogan is always to build a legacy of love, what are these lessons that we pass on to our children; they watch us and how we interact.

For seminar registration and more information, visit prestigiousecare.com/prestige-can-help. Call Prestige Assisted Living at Legends Park at (208) 666-9900 and Sullivan Park Assisted Living Community at (509) 922-1644.

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