Webinar on Black-Jewish-Conservative Relations – You’re Invited

Webinar on Black-Jewish-Conservative Relations – You’re Invited

Project 21 is co-sponsoring a webinar this Sunday evening to discuss the relationship between black Americans, people of Jewish faith and conservatives.

“Blacks, Jews & Conservatives: The New American Revivalists” is scheduled for release Nov. 7 at 6:00 p.m. EST. Registration is available on https://tinyurl.com/TheRevivalists.

“I firmly believe that the overlapping values ​​regarding religion, family and education that have traditionally been held by the Black and Jewish communities must be rekindled, honored and celebrated,” said the Project 21 member and moderator of the webinar. Marie fischer, who also chairs the Maryland Republican Jewish Council. “This could be the crux of bringing America back to a norm that benefits at the same time, by strengthening the institutions – especially those of family and education – that keep a society from falling apart.”

The webinar will also feature David Almasi of Project 21, Reverend Dean Nelson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, Rabbi Yaakov Menken of the Coalition for Jewish Values, Liz Slotin Brauser of the Alliance of Blacks & Jews, Joshua Washington of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel and Terris Todd and Joel Griffith of the Heritage Foundation.

Nicole bennett

“This webinar is designed to start a meaningful conversation about the historic coalition between African American and Jewish communities,” said the Project 21 webinar member and moderator. Nicole bennett, who also chairs the Maryland Black Republican Council. “The alliance, born of necessity and a shared history of dehumanizing violence and slavery, has eroded over the past two decades. It is time to remember who our allies are. This webinar aims to address our common ground and build more consensus. “

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