Webinar to explore cryopreservation of rare animal species

A free webinar promises a behind-the-scenes look at a living biobank – and those fighting to save species from extinction.

The “Cryopreservation for Conservation” live webinar hosted by Nature’s Safe will examine how the company is using the latest technology to store somatic cells (non-reproductive cells) and gametes (reproductive cells) of endangered animals in a way which ensures their viability for the future. regeneration.

Nature’s Safe says more than 37,400 species are threatened with extinction and that by freezing the tissues and reproductive cells of the planet’s rarest animals, it can help preserve them before they are gone forever.

The webinar will include case studies and interviews with a panel of experts:
• Tullis Matson, president (Stallion AI Services Ltd)
• Dr Sue Walker, Vice President (Chester Zoo)
• Dr Rhiannon Bolton, Charity Coordinator and Conservation Scientist
• Professor Suzannah Williams, Chief Scientist (University of Oxford)
• Lucy Morgan, scientific advisor (Gemini Genetics)
• Dr Linda Penfold, Scientific Advisor (South East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation)
• Matt Pettit, Scientific Advisor (IMT International)

Register for the webinar, November 3, 2021 at 7 p.m. (GMT)

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