What is the future of NFPA 1971?

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In a monumental shift in standards, the NFPA Standards Council has approved the consolidation of its PPE standards into a single umbrella standard – the forthcoming NFPA 1970: Standard for Protective Ensembles for Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting, Garments and Self-Contained Open-Circuit Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services and Personal Alert Systems (PASS). This decision signals significant changes in PPE standards, which fire departments must understand and implement.

Some of the changes being considered:

• Mandatory particle blocking capabilities for all fume hoods;

• Ability of manufacturers to claim PFAS-free products; and

• New criteria to better define minimum levels of continued performance after repeated cleaning and field use.

Additionally, with the combination of the 1971, 1975, 1981 and 1982 standards, additional information is being considered to include optional systems-level testing to examine overall assembly performance and function as well as physiological impacts on the firefighters.

The technical committees responsible for NFPA 1970 have already created these and other changes for the Consolidated Edition of these standards and are seeking public comments for submission by January 4, 2023.

Join us for this webinar hosted by Fire Chief Marc Bashoor to get a quick overview of the changes on the table and their likely consequences, to learn more about the decision to restructure PPE-focused standards, and to be well-informed. to make your voice heard before the various changes are finalized.


Jeffrey Stull

Jeffrey Stull

Jeffrey Stull

Jeffrey Stull is president of International Personnel Protection, Inc. and a regular FireRescue1 columnist focusing on PPE. He sits on several NFPA committees on PPE as well as the ASTM International committee on protective clothing. Stull was previously the convener of international working groups on heat/thermal protection and hazardous materials PPE, as well as the principal U.S. delegate to Technical Committee 94/Subcommittees on Protective Clothing and PPE from firefighters of the International Organization for Standardization. He participates in the Interagency Council for Standardization and Interoperability of Equipment and is the author of the book “PPE Made Easy”.

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