Who collects what now… and how?

Global licenseThe All Things Collectible webinar features a panel moderated by Trevor George, Co-Managing Director, RECUR joined by Ben Lashes, Founder, A Weird Movie, Lauren Winarski, Director, Licensing and Branding, Funko and Jeremy Padawer, Executive Vice President President / Associate, Jazwares.

George begins by noting that the world is a different place in the wake of the pandemic and asks the panel how the collection space has changed since 2019. Winarski says one thing she has noticed is that collectors are reinvesting in them. things they love because, during confinement and working from home, nothing distracted them from their interests.

Padawer says that once COVID hit, “We’ve had more time to consider the things we love and the things that excite us as consumers.” Collectors who wish to express an affinity with brands are looking for new parameters to show their fandom. “I think now more than ever, especially in a workplace, it’s very appropriate to show the things that we love.”

Lashes adds that because people were more confined to their homes, they tended to look for new things to surround themselves with. “So a lot of people got more interested in buying cool stuff to play and keep on their desk and keep it sane.”

The panel also discusses the importance of the primary and secondary markets.

“When you’re faced with what’s going on in the primary market, the key is to recognize that no matter what happens with the MSRP, make sure you’re delivering real value to consumers and giving them the opportunity to benefit from it, ”explains Padouer.

This naturally passes to collection as an investment. Padawer says that when you talk about secondary market value, it’s not speculation, it’s a smart investment. He explains that by observing the secondary markets where transactions take place, “you can make real, solid investment decisions based on historical sales. It’s never been a better time to be a collector and it’s never been a better time to be an investor.

The conversation also includes a discussion of digital collectibles and, of course, the explosion of NFTs. Lashes says: “For some brands it has completely changed the game and opened up new possibilities. He considers internet pop culture and memes to be modern pop art. “It’s what people will remember about a time or a time and a place.”

Padawer also offers some tips on buying NFT. “NFTs are only valuable to the extent that the creator is trustworthy.” He says he always advises people on NFTs, “Make sure they’re authenticated.”

Other relevant topics include how social media drives collectibles. Lashes says each social media platform has its own fan base. “But I don’t think there is a better place than Twitter to create the hype. You can see a trend explode in crazy time.

The panel also discusses the future of collectibles over the next five years. Padawer says, “There is going to be a continuation towards respect and understanding that adult collection is commonplace, and I think there will be more digital assets at a lower price. And we’ll see third-party arbitrators who will keep the digital community honest. “

The webinar ends with a discussion on how to assess new licensing opportunities. Winarski says you need to weigh the potential risk and consider how long it might take to get the product into production. Padawer agrees, “Act fast, but discriminate a lot.” Winarski adds, “The opportunities will always be there for ‘hot right now’ properties. But don’t discourage old brands or icons. Those things that bring back those memories.

Check out the full on-demand conversation here.

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